Fitting in With Potential Customers’ Expectations

Before you visit a potential new customer, it can be a good idea to check their website to help you understand their brand image. If you look like you fit in, that customer will be able to picture you fitting in with their business more easily, according to Sarah Leeds who writes for ASOS, the fashion retailer of women’s clothing, accessories and handbags.

In the creative industries, people tend to reflect more of their personality and style in the way they dress. In other words, you have much more choice than the typical skirt and blouse. But you should still retain a professional appearance.

Good choices for a meeting where the potential customer is in a creative sector include:

  • Slim leg trousers and an on-trend blouse with heels.
  • A graphic print pencil dress and ankle boots.
  • A skater dress with opaque tights and brogues.

Dressing for more formal creative industries

If you’re visiting a more formal work environment, you might put a modern twist on the traditional trouser suit or pencil skirt and blouse combination. You can do this by mixing neutral colours together, such as black, brown, taupe and navy. It’s a myth that black and brown should never be worn together. Wearing this combination will give more depth to your look and avoids the head to toe block colour, which can look too harsh and conservative.

It’s worth keeping in mind that if you win the business you may have to meet that new customer’s clients, so assure them that you can dress professionally when required to.

Dressing for a “business casual” interview

Meetings, where the expectation is smart-casual, can be hard to get right. The best way to work a smart casual look is to dress as you would to a more formal meeting but give it a more relaxed feel by accessorizing with more casual shoes or jewelry.

For example, wear a pencil dress with flat ankle boots and a coloured handbag, or even swap your smart blazer for a leather jacket.

Confidence is the key!

Although what you wear will help you make that great first impression, it can only get you so far. Hopefully these tips have given you a head-start, but remember to stand tall, smile and maintain eye contact. If you come across as a happy, confident person with a passion for their industry you’re much more likely to win their business.

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