5 Looks For The Modern Bride 

A trend taking the bridal fashion industry by storm is the modern, alternative bride. Someone who encapsulates the look of a 21st-century bride, embracing a modern twist on the traditional big white dress. The modern bride, no matter what style they choose to wear on their big day, will make a bold and confident statement, styling a dress or alternative look that still makes them feel special from day to night. 

This modern bridal style guide offers 5 modern bridal looks that are perfect for those who want to turn their backs on tradition and embrace a new era of bridal fashion. 

1. The modern bridal dress 

A modern bridal dress is the perfect choice for a bride seeking to preserve a touch of tradition while venturing into alternative styles and silhouettes. Bridal dresses and styles that have gained popularity in recent fashion seasons encompass figure-hugging silhouettes, extravagant detailing, and the use of both sheer and contemporary fabrics, providing an alternative to the traditional full-skirted princess dress style. Dresses with sophisticated and elegant designs continue to be favoured by modern brides. Styling these dresses with signature shoes, embroidered veils, and bridal jewellery has emerged as a popular method for brides to craft looks that are distinctive and reflective of their personality.

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2. Bridal tailoring

While most will dream about their big white dress, some brides prefer to push the limits even further. Ditching the dream of the white dress completely, and instead opting for modern tailoring. With structured white suits and co-ords, a modern bride who feels more comfortable in a pair of trousers can continue to make a statement bridal look, whilst remaining true to herself. When shopping for such a modern bridal look, it’s important to look for fabrics that can be tailored to the body and are of a high quality that won’t look cheap or like your everyday workwear. 

3. White jumpsuits

A sleek, minimalist white jumpsuit is a sophisticated and elegant style that compliments the figure and creates a bold modern look. From simple designs with classic silhouettes to statement jumpsuits finished with perfect diamanté detailing for the wedding reception. Not only is a jumpsuit one of the best alternatives for a bride who doesn’t want to wear a dress, but it’s also an exceptionally comfortable and supportive piece that will ensure you can comfortably walk down the aisle and dance the night away all in one. 

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4. Short wedding dresses

When most imagine a wedding dress, the images of a large, princess gown, with a flowing skirt, and long veil come to mind. However, over the past few decades the emergence of short wedding dresses has come into and out of fashion. Mini bridal dresses come in various styles, ranging from crepe to fully embellished with maximalist adornments or delicate, intricate detailing, while some feature silhouette-enhancing lengths and corseting. The options are limitless, and although bridal fashion trends are ever-evolving, we are confident that a short wedding dress not only makes a statement but is equally beautiful and show-stopping as a typical princess dress

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5. Registry office styles and second dresses 

In the last few years, we’ve seen short wedding dresses take over as the registry office dress of choice. For smaller nuptials and official ceremonies, before a wedding abroad or a bigger, traditional celebration, smaller wedding dresses, made popular by Audrey Hepburn and 60’s icons, have been seen on the likes of some of the biggest A-list celebrities. Accessories in tow, the likes of Sofia Richie Grainge and Lily Allen stunned in shorter versions of a typical wedding dress, either for their official ceremony or as a second dress.

Second dresses, in fact, are one of the biggest and most popular trends of the bridal fashion scene to date. While many of us will dream of just one show-stopping dress, it is now common practice to purchase not one, but two dresses. Typically, this will be one traditional dress for the aisle moment, and a slightly more modern bridal look for the evening. This popular trend has been seen around the globe and its practice has been taken and modified from a variety of traditional cultures and traditions.