Funding for Digital Start-ups and SMEs using FIWARE

The European Commission is set to invest €80 million in 1300 small businesses with innovative digital ideas. At least 300 of the businesses funded by the FIWARE Accelerator Programme will be start-ups.

When applying, businesses must show that their idea impacts one of the following areas of the digital economy: Smart Cities, eHealth, Transport, Energy & Environment, AgriFood, Media & Content, Manufacturing & Logistics, and Social & Learning. You’ll also need a good business plan that shows the innovation’s potential, and how you plan to scale and grow your business to meet that potential.

The innovation must also make use of FIWARE, an open cloud-based infrastructure. FIWARE has been developed with European Commission support to deliver web applications and services. FiWARE API specifications are royalty-free.

The ambition of this accelerator programme is “to invest into the entrepreneurial skills of young Europeans,” according to Mario Campolargo, director of the European Commission’s ‘Net Futures’ team.

The Commission hopes that the open approach will accelerate the development and availability of European commercial products and services. They believe FIWARE will be attractive because developers can protect their investments by avoiding getting tied to any specific private-sector vendor.

According to the promotional video, which you can view below, the funders are taking a very open approach to applications. Any innovative idea will be welcomed and considered if you can show how you would scale up the business as it grows.

The individuals and SMEs picked will receive coaching and mentoring support as well as technology training.

It looks like a great opportunity, not to be missed by anyone developing a business or startup in those areas. The accelerator organizations have started accepting proposals for the FIWARE Accelerator Programme – so get going.

You can find further details and application details for funding at the FIWARE Accelerator Programme site.


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