Get Ahead in Business with Cloud Computing

The tech sector is one of the most attractive career spaces at the moment, but for a whole variety of reasons it is not engaging anywhere near enough women. Cloud computing is increasing in importance and might offer women another avenue to get into the tech world, work in a space of familiarity and progress further.

So what exactly is cloud computing? Cloud computing, also known as the cloud, is the practice of storing, managing and processing data on remote servers hosted on the Internet. People often think of storage when they think of the ‘cloud’, but it is so much more than that. Granted, it is used as means of storage in common daily activities by users who do not even realize that they are using the cloud. For example, a cloud-based tool that many use to communicate with friends and family is Skype. You’ll also be using cloud computing when you access Mint to update your monthly budget sheet and uploading new photos to your Flickr account or when watching your favourite series on Netflix. Cloud computing is something everyone uses. That familiarity means that it may be a more attractive route into tech for many women.

Businesses across the globe are adopting cloud models to streamline their activities and increase overall production and efficiency. But apart from its benefits in business practices, cloud computing is also enabling career engagement from more people from diverse backgrounds. Thomas Koulopoulos, CEO of Delphi Group and author of Cloud Surfing, thinks women are drawn to the cloud not only because of its reach into business, but its indiscriminate nature. For instance, Koulopoulos says that a stay-at-home mother can manage the cloud just as well as an in-house worker. The playing field is levelled out because the greater skill set, technology skills and innovation are what is attractive to most employers instead of strict employee profiles.

There is no denying the constant changes and technological improvements occurring throughout the business world. The best way to remain successful is to keep up and keep skills up-to-date in order to stay relevant and face competitors. This is particularly true nowadays not only through the advent of cloud computing but also artificial intelligence software and other technological developments that seem to have come straight from a science fiction film. Both cloud computing and A.I are expected to stay current for the next decade to come and that’s a great opportunity for people with tech skills to connect globally and work locally.  As much as there needs to be a culture shift and equal opportunity for women in the workplace, it is up to us to seize the opportunities that are out there when they come along.

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