Going global with your online business

Is the UK recession holding your business back? Maybe it’s time then to look beyond these shores. While growth here slithers along like a snail in a salt mine, there are plenty of countries which are growing at a very fast pace.

English is still the leading language of business, but it has passed its peak. In many of the new emerging growth economies, English is not commonly spoken. And if you want to sell directly to consumers in those countries, you need to seriously consider localising your online business. Even when people do speak several languages, the majority will only buy from websites in their own language. And 72% won’t even look at websites in languages other than their own.

Internet technology makes it easy for online businesses to go global. But if you want to truly engage new markets, you’ll need to speak their language. Take a look at the infographic to see some of the key trends emerging and review what you need to do to localise your online business.


Website localisation infographic

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