Blogging for Prowess

We may accept blog articles if  they are well written and a really good fit for the site. For example: news, comment and insight about women in business or small business services and issues and shared experiences from women business owners.

If you would like to write for us, see below for our submission tips and guidelines.

Prowess Women in Business is the UK’s top-ranked online centre for women’s business information, support and inspiration.

  • Prowess is Google Page Rank 5 – the highest ranking UK women in business site. It is ranked 142,000  globally by Alexa (4,700 in the UK).
  • Prowess attracts 240,000 visitors each year, 20,000 per month.
  • Our monthly e-newsletter is circulated to over 7,000 women in business. All of whom have subscribed directly.

Guidelines for Prowess Bloggers

Relevance. The post needs to be in some way relevant to women who are starting, growing or managing businesses. Approaches can include: tips, advice, information, shared experience, analysis, comment etc.  A general small business focus is fine – don’t explicitly focus on women within that unless it is pertinent, otherwise it can look forced and patronising.

You could also check-out our editorial calendar for ideas about the key themes we’ll be looking at in the coming months. We also welcome ‘stories’ and case studies of real women in business – see here for more details.

Readability. Use plain English. Reading it out loud helps, write as you speak. Short sentences, bullet points and lists all make articles easier to read and scan.

Your blog post should be original and unique. It must not have been already published elsewhere. You may re-post articles on your own website a few weeks after publishing but you MUST say it was previously published on Prowess and link to the original article on Prowess.

Reasonable length – minimum of 500 words, max around 1200 words.

Links URL links to high-quality sources of information you mention in the article are welcome.

No overt commercial plugs. A good quality article that’s really useful is a better plug for your services than an outright advert. By all means, do write about your area of expertise, just don’t use it to bang on about your own services or product – that’s an advert not a blog post. It’s a fine line, but aim to keep it subtle!

How to submit. Please send your article as an attachment, ideally in ‘Word’. Do not use fancy formatting, please keep the layout very simple. Use single spacing after full stops. Include a short credit and link to the author’s site if relevant.

Title and teaser. Please suggest a title and a short teaser for the excerpt, eg:

  • The ‘not so secret’ secret behind SEO 
  •  The latest thinking on how to get your website higher up the Google search rankings. 


All posts will be reviewed before being published. We may sharpen up the headline and make a few minor tweaks. Anything more than that will be discussed with you by email and completed or approved by you before publication. If the article just isn’t right for Prowess we’ll let you know and give you some helpful feedback.

To get started

To get started, first please send a brief summary of your proposed blog (eg. headline and 3-5 bullet points) to

Contributor links

Contributors can opt to have a sentence at the end of their article with information about themselves and a link to their business website. If relevant there may be one link to the business within the article.

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