Prowess Editorial Calendar

We welcome guest blog posts which are relevant for women who are starting, growing or managing businesses. Approaches can include: tips, advice, information, shared experience, analysis, comment etc. We will accept good articles which meet that broad criteria at any time of the year.

However, we also especially welcome articles which contribute to the themes of our editorial calendar.  If you would like to submit a guest blog to Prowess, please see our blogging guidelines.

Here are our key target themes for each month.




Building, stretching and executing ambitious plans and ideas.

We are looking for practical tips and inspiration to help readers get motivated in the new year.




This month we’ll be looking at how to build a sustainable business and life. We’d welcome articles focused on: sustainable business, social enterprise, ethical business, work-life balance or integration and well-being.



Game changers

  • What or who made the difference?
  • Why and when did your business take a big step change forward?
  • Skills – training and development for you and your staff



Family business

  • Working with or around family.
  • Women and family businesses
  • Finding your ‘tribe’ in the business world.



Risk – taking the leap

  • When and how to take more risks in your business
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Stretching your ambitions
  • Managing risks
  • Debate: are women risk takers?



Money and sales

This month we want to look at the bottom line – goals, funding, making the sale, finding and retaining customers.



Life stages  This month we’ll be looking at the experience of women in business at key lifestages, including: teens, students/graduates, mums, divorce, 50+ etc.  We’d love articles on for example:

  • Summer holidays – how to run a business when kids are off school.
  • ‘Mumpreneurs – for and against.
  • Student entrepreneurs – top tips for making money while you study.
  • Reinventing yourself.
  • Safety nets to help transition.



Having it all…

  • Finding fulfilment.
  • Balancing work with life.
  • Flexible and home-working.
  • Being a female breadwinner.
  • Is it easier to ‘have it all’ when you work for yourself?



Making a noise  This month is all about getting yourself and your business out there. We’re looking for shared experiences and expert tips on the following topics:

  • The latest marketing, PR and promotion techniques and tips
  • Building your profile, reputation and image
  • Confidence and mindset
  • It’s conference season for the political parties and we’d love opinion pieces on what they should be doing for women in business.



Creativity and innovation

What’s the role of creativity and innovation in building your business?

How to get and stay creative?

Why women are more innovative.



Seeing the big picture

When you know it’s time to take a step back from your business.

How to take a more strategic approach.

How to avoid burn-out

Global  (including import/export, international trade,  online platforms and technology, communications, language and translation, immigrant businesses etc).



Money, money, money.   Finding it, growing it, managing it, saving it, making it work for you.  eg.

  • Information about funding and finance facilities and schemes, with examples of and by women who have benefited.
  • Starting a business on a shoe-string / cutting down costs.
  • Millionaire mindset.
  • Becoming an investor
  • Giving back or paying it forward to other women.

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