Have you considered a start or switch into the hospitality sector?

How to become a private chefOpportunities in the hospitality sector are set to grow. It’s an industry which can be both flexible or all-consuming; where you can climb the ladder or get stuck in the kitchen.  The thing is it’s a massive industry and there will always be opportunities in hospitality to move on or move up.  If you have a passion for food, events or organisation, then it could be just the place to focus for your next career move.

Whether you go for a manager, receptionist, chef, events planner, waiter/waitress or even a concierge role, the future certainly looks bright for hospitality jobs in the United Kingdom. There has been some fear of staff shortages once Brexit kicks in.  While this is likely to be a problem for the industry, there’s no denying it is an opportunity for anyone with secure UK citizenship and an ambition to get ahead in hospitality. The sector as a whole is expected to generate a £100 billion-turnover in 2018, with this figure likely set to rise in 2019 and beyond.

Contrary to popular belief, you may not need much or even any experience in hospitality if you’re considering switching to this industry. “As labour markets tighten and competition increases, the hospitality industry must both embrace and make it easier for mid-career professionals to pivot their careers into a new world,” says Colin Nagy, head of strategy at Fred & Farid. “The backgrounds, skill sets, and fresh thinking will add much-needed depth to the industry.” This is certainly great news for anyone who has spent most of their working life in finance, construction, online marketing, or any other industry for that matter.

Hospitality, for the most part, could be defined as making other peoples’ day as great as possible, even if it means that your own day is difficult and troubling. This is an industry that is all about people skills and coping with drama with a cool head. For anyone who has had a repetitive job where a day can go by barely speaking to anyone, then unpredictability and a bit of drama could certainly be tempting.

The benefits of a role in hospitality:

  • No two days are alike
  • A challenging yet exciting work environment
  • Opportunity for growth and a great sector for women in management positions
  • The chance to be creative in problem-solving and to see real results – you know instantly when you’ve made someone’s day better
  • Traveling and meeting new people happen regularly
  • A lot of different roles are available to suit all types of personalities
  • This change or start can happen at any age, regardless of experience

One of the best parts about hospitality, more specifically the hotel industry, is that this is an area in which women are absolutely thriving in management positions. Goal-orientated, strong and authoritative women who can take care of a few daily obstacles will always succeed in hospitality and can climb the ladder right to the top in less than a few years. Going straight for management positions can not only motivate and inspire women to strive for better on a personal level, but also tackle the prevailing gender inequality of upper management.

Ernesto Lamaina, CEO of Adia, said that times are changing for the better in the hospitality sector. “Our analysis indicates that the amount of people working in the sector has increased by over 409,000 in the last five years, which is testament to the health of the industry,” he said. “However, as we’re seeing across the entire economy – the way we’re working and employing is changing. Employees expect flexibility and often, employers require it – businesses must respond to that”.

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