How online quizzes can help grow your business

Whether your business is fully online or just your shop window, adding quizzes to your website is a fun way of attracting more customers and keeping them engaged for longer. But don’t let the word ‘quiz’ limit you. The features available in online quiz software can be used for online education and training, customer and employee surveys and much more.

Quiz software is usually a simple online form that collects user data, calculates and sorts, then shows the results instantly.

It’s a simple, but powerful, tool that could help you grow your business. Read on for our tips on how to make online quiz software work for your business.

Customer Engagement and Business Insights

Online quizzes can be as simple or as fancy as you like. You can increase engagement and social shares by attaching high-definition and stunning images, immersive videos, and vivid audios – sort of like the Buzzfeed approach.

Quizzes can be both fun and useful for your visitors. And they can provide you with valuable insights about who your customers are, their wants and needs. Those insights should help you to improve your business offer and stretch your sales and marketing goals.

There are plenty of free quiz services, such as Jotform Quiz Maker, that you can use to begin with. They generally integrate the quiz functionality into your website. Test out a few different packages to see which features you find the most useful. Obviously the minimum features are the ease of insertion of questions and images and the visibility of results. Other features to look out for include: convert speech to audio, record narrations, and use sounds saved on a local hard drive.

Generate Insightful Reports

The ability to collect and track data is also important. Choose a quiz creator wherein you can track data results and collect data of quiz takers once the quizzes or surveys are published online. You can use this data to gauge customer purchasing behaviours so that you can create better customer engagement and marketing strategies. Online quizzes can generate intuitive statistical data or reports based on the data collected. Here are some advantages of the insight reports generated by online quiz systems:

  • Get an in-depth idea of the latest customer demands and needs.
  • Create better traditional and digital marketing strategies.
  • Determine the customer behaviours of high-quality leads, so you can create effective follow-ups and marketing tactics to win a sale.
  • Determine when to give up a potential lead and move to work with more promising leads.

You can generate new quizzes by choosing items from your saved questions randomly to be published online, saving you time and effort.

Employee and partner engagement

Quiz software an excellent tool for asking survey questions on employee satisfaction and collecting feedback from partners. Just knowing that they are listened to and that their opinion is valued has a positive impact on staff well-being and productivity – but only if you show that you have heard and that you either act on the results or communicate clearly an alternative response.

The insights that you gain from staff and stakeholders – like suppliers, supporters, mentors and a governance body – can be absolutely invaluable in shaping the business to be more successful and profitable.

Some of the areas you can survey stakeholders about include:

  • Satisfaction and well-being. How happy are they in their work and what small or large changes could improve things?
  • Opportunities – what ideas do they have for growing the business?
  • Input into development and strategic planning.
  • Social events – ideas and feedback on team-building and bonding activities like picnics and Christmas do’s.

Training and development

The quiz is a tried and tested method of checking that knowledge has been digested and understood. You can add a quiz to the end of any type of online content – articles, videos and audio. It can be a godsend for repetitive staff training, for example the health and safety information that you need to include in new staff inductions. Make those sessions into a video with a quiz to check that the information has been absorbed.

Reliable and Secure Quiz Data

You can manage quizzes and surveys efficiently by using a quiz management system that is reliable and secure. You can also secure quizzes and surveys with passwords and controlled access.

If your business is based in Europe you will also need to make sure that if you are storing personal data in any way that the quiz or survey is GDPR compliant.


An online quiz is more that a bit of fun. If you incorporate quizzes and surveys into your business, in a strategic and thought-through way, they are a powerful tool that just could help drive your business growth.

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