How to Effectively Help Your Children Excel at Online Learning

Are you a parent of school-aged children worried because of the prolonged shutdown of schools due to Coronavirus? You are worried about the safety of your kids but at the same time, you don’t want your kids to lag in their studies. Students have been forced to adapt to online learning which has created new challenges for them. Children comfortable with the idea of a teacher explaining concepts in person now need to use various applications and navigate through software to receive education and also to complete their assignments. 

If you feel your children are not doing well in this new mode of digital education, this article will tell you how to effectively help your children excel at online learning. 

The Challenges and Opportunities of Online Learning

Online learning is not new. It was being used as a tool to bring education to the underprivileged and also to those living in remote and difficult terrains. But Covid-19 pandemic created an unprecedented situation through prolonged shutdowns and closures of schools and colleges. It thrust online learning on students yet not ready for such an abrupt change in the learning methodology. Experts at Kidsmart believe that online learning can be more fruitful than classroom learning for kids. Some students have adapted fantastically to this new technique of learning while some students are struggling to cope up with the demands of online education.  

Mistakes Commonly Made by Some Students With Online Learning

  • Kids assume online classes are easier as they don’t need to face teachers and their questions
  • Most kids take online learning lightly by not assigning a dedicated space and environment to it
  • Students lose track of their assignments as they don’t need to set foot in the classroom daily.
  • They believe they are on their own with no help from teachers and peers
  • They lose motivation easily because they don’t find competition in the form of students around them
  • Students think they can get away with cheating as teachers are not around
  • Many students do not take online classes seriously and remain disengaged only to their detriment

These Are Testing Times For Parents

Most parents are unsure and not aware of what to do to help their children make the most of online learning. There is no need to be frightened as you have been caught unprepared by this situation. There is a lot you can do as a parent to give proper resources, gadgets, technological tools, and above all the confidence that your kids are lacking at the moment. 

Give Your Kids The Technology and Tools They Need

To make online learning a happy and enriching experience for your kids, if at all possible, it will help enormously if you are able to provide them with a PC or laptop. Fast-speed internet will ensure that there is no disturbance during the classes. Headphones with a built in microphone will help with the quality of audio and also make things easier for everyone else in the house if it is difficult to find a private space for online sessions. If you don’t have access to a laptop or PC, you may be able to join sessions from a smartphone and there is also an excellent schedule of educational programmes on terrestrial TV. 

Make Available a Proper Learning Environment

Most children fall behind their peers in online learning because they do not take these classes seriously. Just because there are no physical classrooms, teachers, and students doesn’t mean you should relax and allow your kids to attend classes without any preparation. Give them a proper space with proper lighting and make them sit on a table and chair to make them feel as if they are attending a class. Get rid of all kinds of distractions such as TV and music and avoid talking loudly during classes. Make sure your kids are away from their smartphones during online classes so that they do not waste their time chatting or talking. Your attitude and behavior sets an example and if you take their learning seriously, your child is more likely to be responsible and motivated to be more attentive during their classes. 

Allow Them Breaks Between Classes  

No child can keep up high motivation levels for hours at a stretch to receive education through online learning. As a parent, you should allow breaks in between classes for your kids so that they can entertain themselves and become fresh and charged up for the next class. Experts believe kids need to at least move their bodies and take in fresh air to focus on their learning more efficiently. 

Give a Pep Talk When They Are Feeling Down

There will be times when your children will experience difficulties in grasping concepts. They will also experience technical difficulties that you can help them solve. These are part of the learning process and your role is to stay positive through this phase so that your children do not lose their morale and motivation. Remember that online learning has been thrust upon them and it is new for them. They are worried but it is your role as a parent to give them confidence that they can do it and even excel at online learning. 

Encourage And Applaud Whenever They do Well

Your children are trying to adjust to the changes taking place in their education. As a parent, you should acknowledge their  efforts and praise them whenever they do well in tests. It’s important to praise them for effort and hard work as well, regardless of results. In the long-run the ability to be self-disciplined and motivated is what will serve them best. Encouragement and occasional applause do wonders for morale and confidence. This applies to online learning also. You will be surprised to see how quickly and effectively your children adjust to the demands of online learning with your cooperation and encouragement. 

Shifting to online learning has proved to be a challenge not only for teachers and students but also for parents caught unprepared for such a situation. As a parent, you can rise above the challenge by being proactive and making things easier for your kids. Being able to access technology is important. Creating a proper learning space and environment at home and getting rid of all distractions when your children are attending online classes matter just as much. Take an interest in their studies and encourage them to keep up their motivation. With your support, you children will be able to manage their stress and avoid common mistakes to excel at online learning.