How to generate qualified leads automatically

Want to get qualified leads that give you more chances at increasing your market share? First of all, it is essential to know the difference between a simple lead and a qualified lead to better understand the challenges of your marketing strategy. You also need to take into consideration adopting the right method to generate qualified leads. You can carry out various marketing actions, but the most important thing is to know how to take advantage of automatic lead generation tools to simplify your tasks.

The difference between leads and qualified leads

In the digital age, companies that generate more than 60% of their leads online are growing 4 times faster than those that have not adopted this strategy. Generating traffic and leads has become the main challenge for marketers. This strategy has been implemented by many marketing and sales teams. The goal of lead generation is to increase turnover and develop the business of the company.

By definition, a lead refers to contact with a potential customer, also known as a “prospect”. Having leads is already a good start, but even better if you know how to exploit their interests in regards to your products and services in order to convert them into qualified leads. The action of generating qualified leads is all about attracting visitors, converting them to leads, and ultimately closing the sale.

To qualify a lead, it is necessary to go through the implementation of numerous actions. To properly implement your lead generation and prospecting actions, your marketing team must properly prepare its strategy by following certain crucial steps:

Define your objectives

This is a mandatory step before starting any campaign. Based on your objectives (increase sales, increase brand awareness, retain customer segments, etc.) you will find the right balance between the amount of time devoted to the search for leads and the generation of qualified leads, as well as the number of leads needed, the quality, and the expected results. This makes it easier to define your budget and observe the various performance indicators.

Know your target’s profile 

This step consists of setting up the typical profile of buyers (through a database survey, an analysis of external files, or even by studying partner sites), for a well-targeted marketing and sales strategy. To do this, you must collect all the important information about the needs, expectations, or buying habits of potential buyers. This strategy allows you to know precisely which leads to win, and allows you to meet them efficiently. Poor knowledge of your target market is the fundamental source of failure for an acquisition campaign.

Study the behavior of your target market on the web

On the internet, it’s easier to anticipate the actions of leads, and determine what they’re looking for. Analyzing the positioning of pages on a given query allows you to identify an intention, and thus offers relevant content to your potential target.

Competitive intelligence

It’s always a good idea to analyze your competitors’ strategies to get inspiration from them and apply the best methods to engage leads. A strategy to save time and money.

Identify the best channel 

To make sure you have qualified leads, it is essential to choose the most appropriate channel to deliver your message or offer. The channel picked provides viability for your campaigns. The performance analysis of each channel must be done in a meticulous manner for the smooth running of your activities. Do not hesitate to make adjustments according to developments and situations that could arise.

After having collected all the necessary data, your marketing team can define the most suitable technique to ensure your prospecting actions.

 Different ways to generate qualified leads 

There are many ways to generate qualified leads. Some of these include content marketing, social selling and emailing. These strategies require the intervention of a team of competent marketers. To facilitate and automate their tasks, they can use online lead generation tools.

-Content Marketing

By providing high value-added content to your website visitors, you can increase traffic and attract qualified prospects. As part of inbound marketing, content marketing involves good SEO, editorial and branding strategies. With relevant, quality content, you can maximize your visibility and gain new customers more easily.

-Social Selling

The principle of social selling is similar to that of content marketing, but in this case, the content is intended to feed your pages on social networks. You can entrust this task to a social media manager to obtain optimal results. The goal is to provide qualified content that meets the needs of your community. This way, you have the opportunity to generate qualified leads and convert them into customers.

-The use of lead generation tools 

Lead generation tools allow you to automate your qualified lead generation operations and save valuable time to focus on your core business. Tools such as, Kaspr and GetQuanty, automatically retrieve the contact details (phone numbers and email addresses) of your leads. Others are able to automate inbound marketing actions. This is particularly the case with the B2B marketing automation software Plezi.

Automate qualified lead generation via Kaspr

Numerous online tools are available to automate the generation of qualified leads. The tasks of marketers are simplified, and you benefit from optimal results in your prospecting actions.

Use the best tool to generate qualified leads 

Kaspr is one of the most popular lead generation tools on the Internet, with more than 10,000 users each year. Its Widget feature is used to retrieve email addresses and phone numbers from your prospects’ LinkedIn/Sales Navigator profiles.

<<Advanced Search>> provides more information about your prospects to refine your prospecting.

To ensure your lead generation strategy reaches its maximum potential, utilizing only the best lead prospecting tools is essential. Not only can automated tools save time, but they can also help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

The Job Search feature helps you easily find the right job profiles from your dashboard. On Salesforce and Hubspot, you can integrate your leads into your CRM from your dashboard.  also automates the prospection and generation of your qualified leads, as well as customer acquisition. Simply specify your search criteria from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator and enter the number of leads you are looking for per day. The collected contact information will appear on your dashboard. This lead generation tool is capable of retrieving more than 500 contacts, including qualified leads that will have a strong impact on your sales.