Ask And You Shall Receive: 8 Ways To Generate Business By Asking

making the saleEveryone has heard that expression, yet why is it that we are afraid to ask for what we want?

Children are terrific at asking and as a result, end up getting more too. Adults seem to have lost the ability to ask. We come up with excuses not to do so.

If you are not achieving your business goals, then chances are you are not asking for what you want often enough. Those who succeed hear NO far more often than those that do not succeed! You must ask to hear no and you must ask to hear a yes too. It is all in the numbers.

Good Questions To Ask

Good questions to ask always start with who, why, what, where, when or how. These give you real answers that you can use. The question can not be answered in a simple yes or no.

8 Ways To Generate Business By Asking

Ask For Information – When talking to people keep the focus on them.

Share for 10 seconds or less and ask another question.


Share for 10 seconds or less and ask another question.

This technique will give you more information to work with.

With the proper conversational technique, you will gather information which will enable you to find something that you have that they need or some way you can assist them. The questions are not all about business, just life.

You may say:

  • I am terrific, how are the kids?
  • I just got back from vacation in Cancun, where did you go on your last vacation?
  • I just got my new Spring products, this purse is part of the collection… What do you think of it?

Ask For The Date On The Calendar – So often we beat around the bush when dating sales presentations or appointments.

Ask questions that give you the answer you are looking for.


  • What month were you thinking?
  • What day of the week is good for you?
  • Does the 5th or the 1st work better?

Ask For Business – The ABC’s of selling are always be ready to close the deal.

That means that you have everything available with you to “close” and it also means that you ask for it.

An interesting statistic is that after a presentation 60% of the sales people never ask for the order. No one will ever say yes unless you ask for the close.

  • When would you like to do your first show?
  • When do you think it would be good for you to start your training?
  • What would have to change to make this the right time?

Ask For Endorsements or Testimonials – Testimonials are powerful.

They improve your credibility and leverage you to future successes. The best time to ask is right after you provided excellent service or gone the extra mile.

  • Would you be willing to write a testimonial for me on your experiences?
  • I have an audio testimonial hot line. Would you be willing to repeat that as a recorded testimonial?

Ask For Referrals – Referrals are the least expensive way to insure future growth.

The key is to ask for them.

Your good customers will be glad to give referrals. Getting in the habit of asking for referrals will drastically increase your cash flow.

  • I know that you are not interested in hosting a show… who do you know that would like to take advantage of our host program?
  • I am looking for sales professionals, I know that this probably isn’t for you and I was wondering who you might know that could use extra income?

Ask For More Sales – How many times have you heard at the store, would you like anything else?

Do you ask your customers the same question? Check out the order and see what cross sells well. Offer the opportunity to your guest to by those extras.

Also, contacting guests who bought items when future sales are going on is another way to ask for more sales.

  • I see that you ordered the ZXZ basket, did you know that the liner is separate? Would you like to include that in your order?
  • Hi Lisa, I see that you ordered the XYZ last year. I was just touching base with you to let you know that the entire collection is on sale next month. Would you be interested in adding to your collection?

Ask For Feedback – Are you meeting the customers needs?

You will never know if you do not ask. During check out, ask your customers questions that give you feed back. Regular customer service calls should also include questions that give you information about how you are doing.

  • What did you learn today?
  • What part of the show did you enjoy most?
  • What could I have done to improve your show experience?

Ask Through Negotiation – Frequently we hear no and let it go at that.

Everything is negotiable. When you rephrase your questions, you frequently get different answers.

Network marketers have a tendency to not negotiate. Negotiation is another form of asking that allows you to keep channels open in both directions.

The 10 second rule creates a terrific negotiation too.

When you share for 10 seconds and ask a question you will always get to the point that you have some form of service that the other can use.

The first no may turn out to be a bigger opportunity as a result of negotiation through the 10 second rule and asking the right questions.

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