How to run a successful corporate event

An event can be one of the best ways to build profile and expand your business. After all, it stands to reason that the more people who know who you are and have a positive relationship with you, the more customers and goodwill you will have!

While organising and running your first corporate event can be daunting, it most definitely gets easier with experience. And we are very happy to share our experience to get you off to a great start. Follow these tips to ensure your first event is as successful as it can be:

Get the basics right

As with other business ventures, start with your objectives for the event. What do you want to achieve? What would success look like? Determining what you want to gain from the project is the first step to deciding which type of affair is most suitable – don’t run an event without a crystal clear direction and incentive.

Once you have decided to go ahead and host an event, start by clearly thinking through:

  • The brand image you want to portray;
  • The customers you want to target;
  • The right tech. For example, if delegates need laptops you can rent MacBook pro for the event.
  • A suitable location and timings.

Every decision you make must be based upon these three key factors.

You also need to ensure compliance with any rules and regulations – health and safety, for example, should be a key consideration when hosting a corporate event. Consulting experts to guarantee everything is in order will help to prevent the risk of situations that could damage your reputation, be hugely expensive or even prevent you from trading in the long term.

Hire professionals

It is important to know when to hand over the reins. While you are the expert in your own organisation, you are not necessarily best qualified when it comes to running an event. A reputable promotions agency will help you gauge what type of event is most compatible with your business goals, and also what equipment and staff you will need to make it a success.

Make sure that anyone representing your business is well-prepared and highly professional. Your existing employees are not necessarily right for the job – someone who deals with finances, for example, may not have the capacity to engage potential customers and communicate your brand message. It’s important that your events staff have the experience and personality to create a buzz and interact effectively with prospects for the best results. —- In addition to professional entertainers, hiring an event photographer London can significantly enhance your event’s visibility, capturing high-quality images that can be used in your future marketing efforts to showcase your company’s dynamism and engagement at events.

Offer your visitors value

Step into the shoes of an attendee to understand what they are looking for out of any event. This will help you to tailor your offering so that it best caters to their needs and wants, ensuring you attract more attention and create a positive brand image.

Visitors at a trade show, for example, want information about why they should choose your organisation above all the others. You must give them a reason to stop at your stand, since there is likely to be plenty of competition. Product sampling or competitions can be a good option here.

A sales focus isn’t always appropriate. For example, if you are organising an industry seminar to gain an authoritative image in your sector, or a family fun day to make customers more aware of your brand, avoid overt advertisements and instead focus on associating your name with a positive experience.       

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