How Traditional Industries Are Being Changed by Modern Technology

Innovative tech solutions are gradually entering all industries and spheres, even those traditional ones that have been developing for centuries. Without exaggeration, we can say that all industries are somehow affected by tech progress. But the implementation of technology systems, software apps, and advanced devices is not just a simple trend. Such solutions usually have a huge impact on the efficiency of business processes and the quality of the delivered services. As a result, such projects are definitely a win-win game for both businesses and their clients.

In this article, we offer you to have a look at three traditional industries that are changing significantly these days thanks to the introduction of modern tech tools and apps.


All the advancements made in this industry have great social importance. Without any doubt, by introducing reliable software tools that allow them to easily deal with huge volumes of administrative work and simplify a lot of everyday tasks for their staff, medical centers can increase their revenue. But at the same time advanced tech products, including but not limited to IoT healthcare solutions, play a vital role in enhancing the efficiency of treatment.

Thanks to modern wearables enriched with different types of sensors, doctors can continuously monitor a lot of vital parameters and changes in their patients’ health states. Wearable devices can measure blood pressure, oxygen or sugar blood rate, heart rate, etc. When this data is gathered and processed and any critical changes are detected, such an IoT app can notify medical staff who will be able to react timely to any dangerous situations.

The Internet of Things is a very promising technology for this industry. According to experts, in 2023, the revenue in the healthcare IoT market will hit the mark of $93 billion.

Another important sphere that can grow and expand thanks to tech progress is telemedicine. Mobile and web applications allow users to get consultations with doctors at a distance. It means that they can receive the required recommendations much faster than in those cases when they need to go to a medical center by car or by public transport. As a rule, such remote consultations are available in three formats: a voice call, video conference, or online chat.


Though traditional schools and universities still exist (and there are no signs that they will disappear in the nearest future), the educational process already doesn’t look like it used to a decade ago. And here it is important to mention not only supportive apps that help students to better memorize the necessary materials or understand various topics. Today the education industry offers full-scale platforms for remote learning. The need for such solutions became absolutely obvious during the coronavirus pandemic when a lot of countries faced serious lockdowns but life had to go on.

However, even when the pandemic is over and people seem to have even forgotten about all the restrictions that we faced in 2020 and 2021, the popularity of online education is growing. The revenue in this market is expected to achieve a level of over $166 billion in 2023 while in 2027, according to forecasts, it will be over $239 billion. And while its largest segment is online university education, it will be incorrect to underestimate the role of online platforms in school education or corporate training

Today there are also a lot of promising VR and AR projects that help to maximize the efficiency of learning activities by allowing students to familiarize with different objects and processes that are not available to them in real life.


This industry, as well as all others that are involved in supply chains, can also greatly benefit from what tech solutions can offer us today. GPS trackers, AI-powered route planning solutions, IoT sensors that help to monitor the conditions for transporting different types of goods, apps for drivers and managers – all this is just a small part of all the products that are already widely used these days.

Though they all are different, they are aimed at improving the quality of the provided services, enhancing the accuracy of forecasts related to the delivery time, as well as increasing the safety of drivers and freights.

Final word

In this article, we’ve considered just a couple of industries that are actively implementing tech solutions in their business processes today. In reality, the impact of tech advancements is much wider in the modern world. Among other examples of industries that are open to technology today, we can mention agriculture, manufacturing, retail, banking, and others.

 It is really exciting to observe how technology is changing the world around us and what new opportunities can become available. But while today, for many companies the introduction of some apps or systems can bring just an additional competitive advantage, already in the nearest future, such solutions will become an absolute must-have and standard for the industry. And it is very important not to miss this moment.