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To get the best out of your working day, one of the most important things you can do is to be organised. The first place to start this process is with your workstation or desk. A clear space to work in will help you to approach each task with a clear head. A jumbled workspace will have the opposite effect. This probably happens at a subliminal level. Look around your office at the way your colleagues organise their work space. It’s likely that those who achieve a lot and seem very productive will have an organised and clutter-free work space.

Even if it’s not in your nature to be tidy and organised, making your work space a calm and clean environment will help boost your productivity at work. When you read up on tips to Feng Shui your desk, you’ll usually find that a clear and clean work space is one of the first suggestions for greater productivity.

There are other useful Feng Shui tips to consider about your work space, too. Creating good Feng Shui in the space that you work in will encourage a vibrant and positive energy, increasing your creativity. Regardless of whether you work at home or in an open plan office, you can arrange your desk so that Feng Shui can increase your effectiveness at work.

Some of the ideas about Feng Shui for your desk are dependent on how much say you have in the office layout, for example, but others are easier to put into action anywhere as they involve portable objects on your desk.

The best position

Many Feng Shui experts will suggest that you should always be able to see the door when you are working; this avoids the possibility of people coming up to you and catching you unawares, which might make you feel uneasy. If you can’t actually turn the position of your desk, you can compensate for this by having something with a reflective surface like a photo frame, so that you will be able to see someone coming towards your desk as they approach.

It’s good to have natural light falling on your desk, but if you face a window it can be too distracting an environment. If your desk is opposite a window, you could ask the office manager to install a blind so that you can reduce the amount of light flooding your desk or block out distractions through the glass.

Decorating you desk

In Feng Shui, the left hand corner of the desk represents wealth, and you can re-emphasise this by placing something there that represents money. Often a money-plant is used, but you could use an ornament that reflects wealth in some way. Family photos, according to Feng Shui, should be placed between you and the wealth corner, on the left side of the desk. Over on the other side of the desk Feng Shui experts recommend placing a reminder about your goals, hopes for the future. This might be a photo of the kind of house you want to buy, or a place you want to visit.

Try adopting some of these Feng Shui ideas in your working environment for a few weeks and see if you can detect an improvement in your effectiveness and productivity.


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