Is flexible working a must for the modern workforce?

As we enter 2019, businesses across the UK are looking at how they can evolve and make improvements which can benefit their workforce and increase their productivity.

One proposition which has become very popular over the past decade is flexible working.  This is the idea of allowing workers to have more flexibility when it comes to their working hours and even where they choose to do their work. The office is no longer the only option.

It’s understood that about three quarters of people in the UK like the idea of flexible working. So, is this practice/perk going to become the new normal for UK companies?

A new infographic by HR consultants Adviser Plus showcases why this way of working is proving so popular with workforces and lists the benefits it is allowing employees to take advantage of.

You can take a look at the infographic below…

Why Flexible Working is Important for Employees
Provided by AdviserPlus

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