Katie Smith: A day in the life of a young start-up

Katie Smith started Tastes Marvellous at just 18 years old. As a child living in Saudi Arabia, she’d craved traditional British foods – like marmite and custard – and her new business, Tastes Marvellous, was set-up to send such mercy packages to other ex-pats around the world. It seems to have hit the spot: by the end of her first year, Katie was making-up 100 orders a day.

You can get a great insight into the real-life issues of a start-up business like Katie’s by following her progress in this series of short, snappy videos from Business in You. The ‘Business In You’ is a partnership between private enterprise and Government to highlight support for start-ups and growing businesses and encourage entrepreneurial spirit.

Part one: Starting at 7.30am here’s a snap-shot of a typical day for Katie.

Part two: Tastes Marvellous exports to 80 countries. Now they need help penetrating larger international markets.

Part three: In business, you can expect the unexpected. Katie arrives at the warehouse on Monday morning to find it’s been burgled and trashed.

Part four: Katie dropped out of university to set-up her business. And she’s still learning: from mistakes, about people… It’s never ending.

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