Keeping fit at home: 5 good habits to keep

Keeping fit is one of the most important things you can do for your physical and mental health, and luckily there are many different ways to do this. Going to the gym is one option, but can involve costly membership fees and, as we’ve experienced in recent times, long periods of unexpected closure.

The flip side of all the exercise venues closing down for months is that many of us rediscovered home fitness. As well as the great outdoors, dog walking, and women’s golf clubs!

Whether you are just starting out with a home exercise regime, or you want to reboot yourself, here are 5 good habits that will help.

Plan ahead

Did you know that each of us has a set limit of willpower for each day? You can use up your allowance just deciding whether to get out of bed! Really, a routine of automatic tasks means that they are more likely to happen and that you will have some of that precious willpower left for when you really need it.

Don’t leave exercise to chance. Fix it into your morning routine or daily schedule and prepare your equipment or workout clothes in advance as well.

Set realistic goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a flat stomach. If your expectations are unrealistic you will quickly become demotivated and find yourself giving up. Take a longer-term view and try to find an exercise routine that you enjoy for itself. Write down your goals and break them down into smaller achievable steps. Then put them somewhere that you regularly look, whether that’s on the wall or as your phone home screen. Once you have that goal fixed in your mind working towards it will feel irresistible.

Reward yourself

Celebrate the progress that you make. Plan out the rewards that you will give yourself. It could be as simple as a trip to the beach, a glass of bubbly or a make over with a Lookfantastic discount code.The important thing is to have it planned in advance so that you don’t miss the moment.

Make space

If you are going to be exercising at home, prepare a set space. Most of us will not have the luxury of a dedicated fitness room, so you will most likely have to organise your fitness zone into a multipurpose space like the living room or your bedroom. You don’t want to have to climb over the yoga mat to get to bed or trip over the dumbbells when you’re watching TV, so use a storage box or cupboard to store your kit in when you are not using it. Have everything you need handy though, so that getting started is an easy part of that morning routine or a regular wellbeing schedule.

Have fun

There are so many exercise options that there must be something that you will genuinely enjoy. YouTube is an amazing source of literally millions of exercise classes. If music and dancing are your things try Zumba. If you want to chill and stretch then I can recommend Yoga with Adrienne.

Interactive console activities are another option: if you are a gamer there is Ring Fit adventure to build cardio and body strength or there is tennis and golf with wi-fit.

If nature and fresh air are more your things, then take your tea or lunch break outdoors with a lovely walk or get running with a couch to 5k app.

The main thing is to find something that you look forward to and not settle for anything that feels like a chore.

Finally, if you want to learn more about keeping fit at home, you can check out these helpful NHS guidelines for ideas and inspiration, recommended fitness videos, indoor and outdoor activities, safety tips, and more.