As a Woman Business Owner – Be a Leader, Not a Needer!

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Are You A Needer Or A Leader?

Often home based business owners tend to be needers. Have you ever said:

  •  I need one more booking.
  •  I need you to set up a sales meeting for me.
  • I need one more customer to buy this product.
  • I need to sign a new distributor by the end of the month
  • You owe me one, so….

As my (Mum, friend, sister, etc.) you owe me your support.

There are hundreds of others but I think you get the point. Are you running a NEED based business?

If you ever said any of the above statements or similar types of statements, then the answer is yes!

Home businesses that are founded in NEED never work!

You cannot expect your friends, family and acquaintances to do business with you. Yes, it would be nice if they were supportive, but don’t need it to happen in order for you to achieve success.

Home Based Businesses

For some reason, home based business consultants often fall into that needy mentality. Often these are professionals working a real job who are either supplementing their income working from home or attempting to make a transition and get out of the corporate world.

Chances are these same people do not act needy in their corporate job. Rarely do you hear need-based conversation in the corporate business world.

For some reason when moving into the home business environment, the successful ‘job’ employee forgets to apply the same success principles to their new work at home position.

When working at home in any kind of home based business the keys to success are the same exact principles applied to every successful corporation.

When you apply the best-business-practices that you used in the corporate arena into a home business, you will achieve the same results.

Success Working At Home

Most successful business leaders understand that businesses operate under systems. A system applied to one company will work for another. Systems are uniform across the board and work equally no matter what you are ‘selling”.

When working at home the same business leader forgets to apply the systematic approach to their business.

Often attempting to “squeeze it in” between other activities, they never write a schedule of operation.

Home business owners rarely chart their course of actions with a business plan.

The “fear of the phone” does not exist in the corporate job, but the same executive working from home does not pick it up.

Never does a leader of a major corporation say “can’t do that… it is not in my comfort zone” yet the same person will say exactly that working from home!

Most big business utilizes a wide variety of lead generation techniques, yet working from home, the entrepreneur often just waits for their 6 best friends to do business with them!

Are You A Leader? Or A Needer?

Work at home success depends on being a leader, not a needer! Take all the skills that made you a success in the corporate arena and you will achieve the same success working from home.

There are many work at home opportunities and some of the best are direct sales brands. Companies (like a franchise but a lot cheaper) that give you the benefit of the national recognition but allow you to work for yourself are affordable to start and great transition tools for executives who want to get away from the stress!

Most likely you did not get to the top of your game overnight, so don’t expect it to happen in your home business either.  Take the principles that made you a successful leader in your real world ‘job’ and apply them to your home business.  With time you will get the same results.

Don’t be a needer!

Be the same leader working from home that you are in your corporate position!

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