Most Demanding Programming Jobs in 2024

Programming jobs have been in high demand for several years already, and 2024 does not look any different. There is a huge market for people with these skills across the world, with many businesses recruiting for those with the expertise.

Of course, this should not come as a surprise. The world is highly technologically advanced, and programming has been at the heart of several things that companies globally continue to do. Many conduct their operations through a programming system, while those who work online require programming in one guise or another.

As a result, the market has become one which has started to become appealing to people. Many have started to go to university or college after leaving school to train to become a programmer, while others have re-trained or changed their careers to pursue one in this field.

Salaries can be potentially lucrative depending on the type of programming required, with many able to earn £100,000+ if they have the experience and expertise required to complete the job.

What are the programming jobs most in demand in 2024?

Given the life-changing potential that the industry has started to provide because of the demands it has, it should not be a surprise that there are many starting to search for roles within this market.

App Developer

Given mobile technology’s advancement, app developers have become hugely in demand. Most of the world’s population uses apps in various forms, whether for entertainment or other purposes. With an average salary of between £30,000-£50,000, it is an attractive role for many, and one that is likely to remain in demand as tech continues to evolve.

Casino Game Developers

Online and mobile gaming is a sector that has been on the rise for years, with the iGaming industry being among the biggest drivers. People worldwide are enjoying the ability to play their favorite casino games whenever they want, which has created a need for developers. If you take a look at the red 32 slots library, you can see the abundance of games from different available slot providers. The industry is one of the most competitive at the moment, as developers continue to want to release new titles to continue encouraging people to play their titles and not their competitors.

UX Designer

There has been an increased emphasis on user experience over the last decade or so. Businesses with websites have recognized how important it is to provide a friendly experience online, thus creating the need for specialists in this area. They want to make sure their websites remain accessible and are enjoyable to use at all times. This has been reflected in the salaries that can be obtained by those who have the skills to make this a reality.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is vital to the success of many businesses around the world, as they help companies build systems that can help to improve the overall customer experience. They do this by working on any issues that may be found and then coming up with solutions that fix them. They are among the highest earners within the programming industry, although they require a lot of specific skills from those employed in the sector.

Software Engineer

Probably the first – and main – job many think of when it comes to programming, a software engineer is likely to be a role that is in high demand throughout 2024. These are the people who have the skills to be able to design computer software that can be used in a variety of different ways. Many businesses around the world look to give themselves a competitive advantage over their rivals by creating their own software platforms. The job is a challenging one, but it is also one that can be rather lucrative for those successful.

Is a career in programming sustainable?

As with any career, there will always be questions about whether it could be sustainable over a period of time. With the introduction of AI and robots that can do a lot of the coding that goes into programming in an instant, there are reasonable doubts about its shelf life.

However, with technology continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, humans are still going to be required to master the newest inventions. This may only lead to significantly more remuneration in the future. Embracing continuous learning becomes imperative in this scenario. Learn new tech skills and get the next job with confidence, ensuring your adaptability to the ever-changing demands of the industry, thus securing your place in the workforce of the future.