Printing hacks that can make big savings for your business

There’s no company on Earth which doesn’t love to cut costs wherever it’s feasible. When you’re paying for things that are either unnecessary or just too downright expensive, then you certainly have some room for improvement! Whether it’s because you’re a newbie to the world of commerce or you’re a business that’s fallen into bad habits, you can benefit from some tips regarding how to cut some big expenses.

One area where you can find major savings is in the world of paper, printers, and ink. We often print pages out thoughtlessly, but if we stop and consider things a moment, we can clearly see that it’s possible to save money and the environment at the same time.

Try draft mode – On your Word doc, for example, if you click View and then Draft button near the print layout icon, you’ll find that this option will remove all non-essential items like headers and footers. The printer will actually print a lot faster, thereby reducing the quality somewhat, but if this is of no concern, then utilise this option.

Change the font – It has actually been discovered that using the Times New Roman font over Arial will stretch your ink by 27%. Lowering the font size and removing blank spaces can also help everything fit onto one page.

Print double-sided – In your printer settings, the default option is usually Print One Sided. However, if you edit this, you can switch to Print on Both Sides. With this, you use far less paper if it’s a long document you’re printing out!

Use recycled options – Using recycled paper is obvious, but a lot of small businesses might not know that you can also buy reusable ink cartridges. This prevents thousands of empty cartridges from ending up in a landfill every year, and it’s often far cheaper to pick up recycled options online. Don’t worry, the quality is still the same, but you just save money and our planet!

Laser printer over an inkjet printer – It’s widely acknowledged that laser printers cost more to purchase, yet are far more efficient to run. Laser options are said to use less ink and last for longer, especially if you plan on using your printer a lot in the office. The choice isn’t so simple, so read a comparison and see which one fits your business better.

Black and white ink – If colour isn’t at all important to your document, then ensure you’ve switched to settings to black and white or greyscale before printing. You can find this option under Printer Properties.

Just like switching to storing documents online, keeping an eye on how you print can save you serious cash.

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