5 innovative storage solutions for businesses that need extra space

shutterstock_245212618When you own a business you want the running of it to be as streamlined as possible. But as you grow, the accumulation of everything that comes with that can mean it becomes less easy to achieve this.

Your business space is a reflection and representation of what your company does. The interior of an office is important to both how it functions and to ensure it is inviting and aesthetically appealing as well as being a comfortable place to work.

If offices become over-cluttered this is not only bad for the morale of your work force but as a result will also have a detrimental impact on efficiency. Making extra space will ultimately save time and increase productivity.

Perhaps your number of staff has grown faster than you expected, and you need space for your growing work force. Or maybe you have been so busy with other areas of your business that you have only just realised quite how desperate you are for extra space.

The first thing to do is organise the space and get rid of everything that you no longer need. This may start to create some extra room, but perhaps not enough for what you require. What do you do with the items in your office that are taking up valuable space, but you still need?

Invest in Business Storage

Business storage is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to remove all the items that are cluttering your office, without having to dispose of them. It can be a useful back-up if your business has hit a downturn and you aim to bounce back before too long. Better to store than having to start from scratch when things pick up. Storage facilities like Kelly’s Business Storage offer a flexible and accessible service. From furniture to IT equipment, dedicated containers will store them in a secure environment, which you can access as often as you need, seven days a week.

Make the most of the space you have

There are ways to maximise floor and wall space, creating storage in the area that you already have. For example, consider storage that goes upwards rather than outwards. These can house shelves, cabinets and more, helping to keep offices free of clutter. Taking up unused wall space as opposed to much needed floor space is a neat trick.

New Desks

Provide your workforce with new desks. It may be surprising but replacing desks with slightly smaller versions can have a significant difference in terms of the number you can comfortably fit into an office layout. Consider desks with built-in storage, too, which helps to reduce mess.

Store what you can electronically

You probably don’t realise how much space you need just for paperwork. Get rid of those files and cabinets that are not only taking up space but also aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing. By storing what would have been there electronically instead will save space, free up existing storage and make important documents easily accessible.

Expand your space

If your business allows for it, create extra space by expanding the room you already have. Knock down a partition wall, add an extra room or perhaps a mezzanine floor. These can then be used simply as storage or to spread out what you already have to create extra space across the business and really open up the office.

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