The Unfiltered Truth About Women Forex Traders

Today’s society accepts women in top corporate roles. Women in business accept responsibility for multi-billion-pound decisions every day. While only a few years ago, the world of Forex trading was almost exclusively male-dominated, today, women are in demand for these roles. 

When it comes to companies in the UK who are leaders in the industry, Forex trading strategies are fundamental. Having a diversified team implementing those strategies is always a priority. Admiral Markets is a global industry leader in the field. They have a heterogeneous group of traders, of which 37% are female, and that number is growing.

It is important to point out that trading strategies are what make money. Therefore, it is always about matching each client with the right trader or trading environment, regardless of diversity.  However, at the same time trading organisations that have a diversified workforce do better. Overall women tend to have a different, more patient approach to male traders and over time do better, while in the short-term the bolder approach of male traders achieves higher returns. It’s a case of tortoise and hare. But organisations that combine those strengths have the greatest advantage. 

Why women succeed in trading

In recent years, a lot of studies have gone into the rise of and success rates of women in the Forex trading industry. One study conducted by Lu, Swan, and Westerholm found that female traders chose to purchase securities when the markets were falling, resulting in some near-term losses but more significant gains in the longer term. This is a result of instruments that were often purchased when prices were low. Female traders are more cautious and seem to be better at seeing patterns in data with an advanced intuition. Women tend to buy underpriced stocks and sell overpriced stocks based on price and movement over the short-term (4 weeks) to long-term (1 year.) Women are more willing to be patient than men in this high-tension market where timing is essential. 

Statistics show men make more trades than women. However, women tend to make more money in their trades. In some cases, women reached returns of as much as 43% on individual stocks and 21.4% over a portfolio of 28 stocks. This leads to the opinion that female traders are more interested in quality over quantity. Companies that use all of the data effectively can build a strategic library that is almost guaranteed to be profitable for all involved. 

Choosing your broker

We have established that a quality company is critical. It should have a solid reputation in the UK and an established library of strategies. A diversified team of traders that includes accomplished traders of both sexes is necessary. What else should you consider? Here are some tips to help you begin:

  • Check their license and registration for the area you want to conduct business. This information should be available on their corporate website. 
  • Do some basic searches to determine that the company has a good reputation and a high standard of ethics.
  • Check out how long they have been in business and what awards they have won.
  • Financial Considerations – Deposits and Withdrawals
    • What deposit and withdrawal methods do they offer?
    • What fees are charged for each method?
    • How much is each of the fees?
    • Is there a minimum requirement for withdrawals?
    • What timeframe is needed when you request your funds?
  • Trading platform
    • You need an analytical platform that is user-friendly and fast. MetaTrader 4 is a quality platform that meets these requirements. But there is also MetaTrader 5 with much broader applications and pro editions that go even further.
  • Service
    • Choose a firm that has excellent customer service. You need a team that is always available and willing to answer questions. It takes time to learn. Even the experts are continually learning and keeping themselves on the cutting edge. You should never have trouble getting the help you need when you need it. 
  • Money Protection
    • Your trading company should make protecting your money a top priority. Using Admiral Markets as our example, here are some ways they protect your funds:
      • negative balance protection
      • segregated bank accounts
      • ICF insurance fund
      • regulatory oversight


Forex trading is one of the most popular ways to trade in the current market. The strategies used and the professional traders are the secret to financial success. Brokers around the globe recognize the benefits of having women traders. Do your research. Know the company you are dealing with and the pros and cons of making that choice. You have found a cutting-edge firm if they hit the mark in every area. There are never any guarantees in the trading market but using a firm with these qualifications gives you the edge you need to be successful. Check out the links provided and make a move toward financial gain today.