Things Every Smart Woman Knows About Money

Women in the UK are striving for high-level jobs across business and industry. While the gender pay gap has been in the spotlight for the past few years, women are still undervalued. Yet, there are some wonderful examples of women who have broken through the glass ceiling and demonstrated what women at the top can achieve.

Kara Gammel is an award-winning financial journalist with more than a decade of experience. She has written for large corporations such as lottery provider Lottoland. She has also written for national publications, including The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, and The Guardian.

Gammell is an accomplished author who has written best sellers on women and money. Some of the tips in this article have come from her work. Gammell is a perfect example of a woman who has succeeded in business and has shared some ways other women can gain ground.

Tips wise women know and use about money

Whether you want to start a business, manage your company finances, or improve your personal net worth. There are things women need to know about money. Below we will share some of our best tips:

Don’t be afraid of money

You will feel empowered and in control when you accept the concept that money is a tool. It is something you manage and use to help you accomplish your goals. You can do anything you want to do when you learn to use your tools.


You should eliminate impulsive financial choices from your life. Making a decision not to save anything this month, skip paying a bill, or spend more than you budgeted for the week is a mistake. Never make a financial choice without taking a day to think it over.

Don’t restrict yourself with your budget

The word budget makes us cringe. Be realistic with your budget. Allow room to enjoy the things you want. If you don’t, your budget will be short-lived.

Good debt and bad debt

There is good debt like the mortgage on your home. You are paying for something that will grow in value, making you more financially stable. But, there is bad debt. High-interest credit cards are one example. They provide no value and cause you to spend more on the items you buy. Learn the difference between good and bad debt and try to get rid of your bad debt.

Keep up with your financial progress

Add up the financial value of your assets and subtract your debts. This gives you a clear picture of your net worth. Do this on a regular basis so you can see the progress of your plan and work. If you are not making progress, adjust accordingly.

Review your financial plan at different stages of life

You may not want the same things at the age of 40 that you did at 25. Life changes, and you have to pay attention. Review your plan at various stages of life. Marriage, divorce, children, education, and health all change what you do financially.

Establish good credit

In today’s world, credit is essential. Ensure you establish good credit to take advantage of the best rates. This will give you more financial freedom.

Don’t look at other people’s spending

It is easy to get sidetracked with your finances if you start comparing yourself to others. You do not have to have a new car just because your friend got one. If you have the things you need and are on track with your plan, pat yourself on the back and keep going.

Keep learning

You need to know how to invest, save, and use compound interest to earn extra money. These are ways to allow your money to work for you. Get the right help and do the work to learn. A financial advisor is an excellent place to begin.

Take advantage of your employer’s pension scheme

It is always intelligent to contribute to retirement. It may help you retire early. The employer match is free money. Never turn down free money.

Don’t spend more than you earn

This may seem like a silly point, but it happens. People grow to depend on credit cards and charge accounts to get things they cannot afford. Know where your money goes.


Women are climbing the ranks in the financial world. To compete, you have to be money smart. It is not enough just to know your job. You are judged on many levels. Like it or not, women must be more competent, work harder, and be more driven to get to the places they want. It all starts with a healthy and robust grip on money. Money is there for you. Don’t give up your power. Use it wisely and improve your standing in society.