Three steps to a creative business plan

Take these three steps to an ambitious master plan that can take your creative business to new heights.

The problem facing most creative business founders is that they need to do everything themselves. You don’t just make the product, you are the social media marketer, brand developer, strategist and more. If you’re not careful there won’t be enough hours in the day. You need to establish a clear direction forward and to focus your energies.

1. Analyse a business you admire

Whatever business you are in – or want to be in – there is, no doubt, an existing business whose achievements will inspire you. So take a look at what they’ve done and how did they go about achieving it (Here’s a tip, take a peek in their blog archive) .

2. Take inspiration and make your own unique plan

Now that you’ve really looked at the businesses you admire, did you notice some things they did that you haven’t yet tried? They may have collaborated with a fellow creative business that shares their values to create a limited edition product. Or perhaps they have taken a uniquely creative approach to that dream customer you’ve had your eye on for a while. Really look deep and think “they’ve done it this way, how could I take inspiration and do it in my own way?”

3. Jot down those plans! ( and break them down into bite size chunks)

Now slow down creative tiger I know you’re excited about your newly discovered business ambition but it’s easy to overwhelm yourself with so many to-dos. So now is the time to sit at that clutter-free desk and break them down into bite-size business chunks . Here’s an example:

Ambition: Acquire new stockists
  1. Research potential customers across the UK .
  2. Understand whether your brand and business product would add to that stockist’s offer (would they gain something bespoke or unique by stocking your products?).
  3. Look into others experiences with the stockist.
  4. Acquire details of the stockist’s commission rates and their guidelines for taking product.
  5. Gain contact details / speak to them via email or social media and then create a unique self-promotional bundle to give them a taste of what you have to offer.
  6. Mail that bundle to the desired stockists.
  7. Follow up! Learn what they liked or didn’t like about your bundle. Can you give your offer a twist to better meet their needs?

Make those ambitious master plans for your business and get off to a great aspirational start!

Kate Leonard is an inky illustrator and writer based in Staffordshire UK. She creates inky hand drawn illustration and creatively witty articles with an emphasis on creativity and business. You can find more of Kate’s inky illustrations and blog posts over at

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