Types of Industrial Doors And Their Business Purposes

When it comes to choosing which type of industrial doors you need for your company workplace, you may need to think carefully about which ones you need. Each type of industrial door has its own unique advantages as well as drawbacks, so it’s imperative that you pick the right one for your specific business needs and requirements.

Industrial doors are necessary for ensuring the safety of workers, keeping trespassers out, and protecting the building as a whole. There are different kinds of industrial doors you need for certain parts of the building. You may even need more than one industrial door as they each have different purposes and benefits. 

Industrial door manufacturer Hormann explains the different types of industrial doors and their unique features and business benefits.

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains aren’t technically a door, but they can act as one. Strip curtains are ideal within the food industry as they have a range of benefits suited for a kitchen. Health and safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to the food industry, which is why strip curtains are very common as they provide an extra barrier to stop contaminants from entering the kitchen.

Another benefit to strip curtains as an industrial door is that they allow workers to move quickly and efficiently through the building and into the kitchen. They allow for easy passage and are very flexible. Strip curtains are often inexpensive too, making them a great option for some businesses, especially those within the food industry.

High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors are perfect for workplaces where there are a lot of vehicles. They’re designed to improve the flow of traffic on both inside and outside doors. Sometimes these doors are built with anti-crash technology, meaning when a vehicle fails to come to a complete stop and crashes into one of these doors, it minimises the damage done. This anti-crash technology makes these doors a safe option for the workplace. 

High-speed doors need to open quickly to allow for easy passage for the vehicles coming in and out of the building. This makes high-speed doors ideal for workplaces where cars and other vehicles are a common occurrence.

Collective Garage Doors

Collective garage doors are ideal for landlords who own properties with a large garage space. Garage doors with multiple parking spaces inside or private garages benefit the most from a collective garage door. The main benefits of these doors is that they are quiet, reliable, and long-term. This means that with a collective garage door, you won’t hear noise complaints from neighbours or have to replace it very often. 

Fire Sliding Doors 

Smoke-tight fire sliding doors are crucial for workplace safety. In order to ensure the fast passage of your employees during an emergency, you’re going to need a reliable fire sliding door that will help workers leave the premises quickly and easily. Essential for workplace safety, all establishments need fire doors that protect their employees from life-threatening smoke. 

Industrial doors serve multiple important functions. Make sure that yours both serves its purpose and is fully compliant with the health and safety regulations in your area.