Women in Male-Dominated Niches: Interview with Siobhan Aslett a Female Sports Editor

The iGaming industry includes various segments, and there are many dedicated experts in each field. Although wagering is popular among both genders, sports editors are usually male. However, some women really stood out with their knowledge and hard work. One of them is definitely the sports betting expert Siobhan Aslett, who worked her way up to become one of the most respected experts on the market. Siobhan has been a sports and sportsbook expert for more than 8 years, and she knows the system inside out. As a true sports enthusiast and a writer for IrishLuck, she composes detailed reviews on prominent sportsbooks. 

How did you decide to pursue this career?

For starters, I’ve always been passionate about sports, so much so that even my formal education actually drove me towards the industry I currently work in. After I graduated from sports nutrition at the University of  Exeter, I started exploring the job market, looking for positions I could be hired for. Even though I was genuinely curious about sports nutrition, which is pretty fun and gives you a chance to work with many sports stars, I started developing other interests. During my studies, I realized how passionate I am about sports betting and getting into the way it all works. I felt the need to discover how gambling operators do their work and how the industry actually functions behind the scenes. So naturally, I started exploring the sphere of online betting, even though people around me kept saying it’s a field for men who are simply better at it. But I never let their comments get to me. I always listened to my heart and my gut.

So once you started, how did you deal with negative comments about women in the industry?

No matter what you do, you cannot succeed without hard work and dedication, and those have always been my strong points. So even though it is not nice to hear that women can’t be good at certain jobs, I never allowed that to stop me. I knew what I wanted to do from the very beginning, and I knew I had to do my best at all times. Unfortunately, being a woman entering a male-dominated industry increases the amount of work and effort you need to put in. But in the end, nothing is truly impossible. Luckily for me, the company I now work for, IrishLuck, gives me so much support that I can finally get some rest from constantly having to prove myself as a true expert. The quality of my judgment has been proven a long time ago, and now they simply trust me to make proper decisions. On the contrary, I know so many women who are forced to work twice as hard just to be taken seriously. This is really sad because there are so many amazing, hard-working women who deserve a chance to be valued and recognized for their knowledge and skills.

Obviously, women are still facing hardships in a number of industries, but do you think their status is changing for the better?

Absolutely. There are more and more traditionally male-dominated industries where women are starting to be respected and valued for their contributions. Me and my colleagues are the perfect example of that. Also, many other industries are changing their narrative, and the system has stopped looking at women as less valuable workers who first need to prove themselves and the fact that they actually deserve the place they’ve been given. What’s more, some industries even prefer hiring female staff members, which is a huge step towards equality.

How can you characterize your work with IrishLuck and the responsibilities associated with your present position?

I really love my job, and I truly enjoy working at Irishluck since the position allows me to explore the world of sports in many ways. For example, I love checking injury news and lineups, and I am particularly passionate about checking available odds and predictions. The process is full of surprises, and you never know what you might find. I love how highly unpredictable everything is and how quickly the tables can turn at any point. For me, there is nothing like a busy weekend afternoon when the kick-off starts in an hour and I’m watching the tables bounce around, checking line-ups, and monitoring the latest odds and predictions. Therefore, I consider myself lucky to be able to combine work-related research with something I am genuinely interested in.

Thank you, Siobhan. It was a pleasure to hear about your success in a male-dominated industry. 

You’re welcome. Thank you for the kind words and the opportunity to talk about the position of women and the hardships they can endure. I’m really pleased to share my experience and knowledge.