Beauty Issues, What It Means To Really Make Yourself Comfy In Your Body

Being comfortable in one’s body is something that animals seem to have no problem with. Humans, in contrast, can struggle to feel at home in their flesh. The following will explore a few key elements in cultivating this comfort because life is too short to feel uncomfortable in your body.

Understanding That Your Body Is A Messenger

One of the most vital aspects of becoming comfortable in your body is understanding that your body is a messenger. It is constantly communicating with you.

Most of us have been conditioned to ignore the messages our bodies send. Think of a parent and a four-year-old when the parent has prepared a healthy snack of raspberries. The parent has decided their child needs the nutrients in the snack prepared and will feel good about himself or herself when the child eats it. Feeding their kids nutritious food is part of being a good parent, and they want to feel like good parents. The child isn’t hungry, but the parent insists that he or she sit at the table until the snack is finished. This teaches the child to ignore their body’s messages in favor of what someone else thinks they should be doing.

Think about kids not wanting to hug or kiss their grandparents but being shamed for impoliteness. This teaches them to ignore their feelings of comfort and accept discomfort as part of being social.

Think about kids having to ask permission to go to the bathroom in school rather than being able to get up and go when they feel the need. This teaches that it’s not only their sense of their needs but other people’s permission that determines what their body gets.

Think of adults on the brink of a mental breakdown, exhausted beyond belief, being told that they need to be doing more at work and home; hustle culture is all pervasive. This encourages them to ignore the feelings in their body in favour of how things appear on the outside.

Try to be mindful. Every two hours or so, stop what you’re doing for a moment and ask your body what it needs. Take note of your physical sensations.

Stress Is The Enemy

When you’re stressed, it’s hard to feel comfortable. Consider spending more time in nature, signing up for fewer activities, making fewer promises, working on perfectionist tendencies, and practicing creative arts. If you’re in the financial situation for it, you might want to consider a vacation or a retreat; LightRx medical spas are pretty easy to find, as are meditation retreats and other relaxation-oriented activities. Deep breathing is one of the most important ways to combat stress. You also want to be sure you’re getting enough magnesium.

Get Your Allergies Tested

Many people have intolerances or allergies that they’re unaware of; they’re used to feeling mildly congested. This puts so much unnecessary pressure on your body that it might struggle to perform basic functions. It’s hard to communicate honestly with your body when you’ve been getting less than the ideal amount of oxygen for years. Get your allergies tested and remove allergens from your life.

You Deserve Clean Air And Water

Most people are used to heavily polluted air and water and don’t understand how much undue stress can put on their bodies. Seeking out a good quality water filter that removes chlorine and microplastics is a must in this era. Likewise, keeping your home dust and mold-free, particularly in the bedroom, is vital for a comfortable existence. You need to clean the air if you’re sleeping with your mouth open or are regularly congested in your bedroom. Get rid of all fragranced products in the bedroom (including candles, body products, and bedding washed in scented soap) and seek a high-quality air filter.

Learn About Hormones

People’s hormones today are in dangerous conditions. Pollution, eating out of plastic, drinking out of plastic, using conventional soaps, washes and creams, wearing plastic-derived materials like spandex, polyester, and elastane, using conventional cleaning products, spending time near new carpets or rooms that have been painted in the past year, sitting on new furniture and eating conventional meat and dairy products all damage your hormones. Hormones are responsible for mood, energy, sleep, appetite, and libido. Your entire emotional experience is under attack daily. Figure out what you can do to limit hormone-disrupting compounds from your life and start making small changes. Pay special attention to conventional meat and dairy products as hormones are given to these animals to fatten them; your body then absorbs these same hormones. What do you think it’s doing to you?

The above information should have outlined a few key steps to help you feel more at ease in your body. You’ll notice that most of them focus on removing things that put your body under so much stress it can’t relax.