5 tips and tricks: how video content can help to increase your brand awareness

Today, video marketing is the most powerful and successful tool available for brand promotion. Videos can turn your products into brands overnight. They are the best way to create a relationship with customers and change a product into an engaging and remarkable brand.

With a proper video marketing strategy in hand, you can target existing and potential buyers. The data is compelling. At present, fewer than 65 percent of businesses are using video marketing tactics to their advantage. Yet in 2022 online video is overwhelmingly dominating the internet. Online videos make up more than 82 percent of aggregate internet traffic. 

So, keeping these data in mind, let’s see how video content can help to increase your brand awareness and how you can make the most of video editor free platform. Before going there, what is brand awareness, and how does it look? 

Brand awareness 101 

The term “Brand Awareness” is pretty much self-explanatory – “how aware consumers are of your brand.” Brand awareness evolves further with the brand’s evolution, adding brand color and logo. From here, brand awareness changes into brand recognition but to reach there, people out there must know there is a brand with this name. Once people know there is a brand, they are more likely to trust your business and to want to do business with you (which increases your revenue); further, they tell their friends about it, creating a ripple effect of sales and revenue.

So, here are the five tips and tricks to increase brand awareness with video. 

Research to know your Target Audience 

While creating a video for increasing brand awareness, the first thing you should know is your target audience. These are the people who will watch your videos, so ask these questions before starting. 

  •  Are your videos relevant to them? 
  •  What are their interests? 
  •  Which language do they understand comfortably? 
  •  Are you giving a solution with your videos or pointing in any direction, helping them solve their problem. 

Creating an ideal buyer persona will help you to understand your prospective buyers better. A buyer persona is a three-dimensional representation of your ideal customer backed by market research data and data you have collected from your customers. Once you have come up with an ideal buyer’s persona, go back to your storyboard and ask the questions mentioned above. It will help you to: 

Engage with your audience

Videos are the best way to grab people’s attention and retain it successfully, as videos can effectively share information in a compact and digestible way. 

Build trust with them

After knowing your potential customers, it’s easier to build trust with them by providing the data and endorsement they need. For example, if you know which influencer is likely to interest a large proportion of your customers, you can invite them to endorse your brand. Similarly, showing positive customer testimonials will also help you solidify your trust. Here, video marketing can serve as the much-needed bridge between prospective customers and your brand. 

Show your products in Action 

What could be better product marketing than showing how your products can influence the lives of your consumers. Apart from increasing the chances of success of your videos, it will also be an excellent visual companion for landing pages or product descriptions. It will further increase the value of your videos by making them attractive, and customers will know what to expect in real-life scenarios. Interestingly, using tutorials, you can sell your products without saying, hey, come and buy my product. 

It will also help communicate your brands’ USP (Unique Selling Proposition). You can show your products into Action through video tutorials. People love tutorials and you can share them on Facebook and Youtube or your website. Tutorials help people reach buying conclusions more quickly as most buyers will prefer a 15-sec video instead of reading a 1000 word article on why they should buy your product. Remember when I said, “videos are a powerful way to make information compact and digestible.” 

Invest in Video Editing 

You can’t use poorly edited videos when using videos for your brand marketing. It would be like wearing pajamas to a wedding. So, you need to allocate enough budget for proper equipment and support if necessary. With professional video editing, you can turn average videos into something your buyers can feel connected to. If you can connect with your customers emotionally, your brand will be hard to replace from the user’s mind. Consider using an AI video maker to streamline the editing process, enabling you to produce high-quality videos efficiently.

There are plenty of offline and online video editors in the market. You can use a professional online video editor which helps you to create professional videos like it will include effects, music, transitions, etc. Professional video editing needs technical skills with an eye for detail, which is much more likely to be achieved by an experienced industry professional. 

A great marketing video should always be able to 

  • Create and improve brand awareness. 
  • Connect with customers emotionally. 
  • Boost social media presence and engagement. 
  • Drive traffic to the website.
  • Drive sales. 
  • Improves SEO and appeals to mobile phone users. 

Be Original, Be succinct 

Video content is increasing at a rocket’s speed where every day, hundreds of thousands of videos are created and uploaded on different social media sites and brand websites. With this much competition, attracting views is a challenging game. According to a research firm, 20% of viewers will skip a video within 10 seconds, while more than 80% of online video ads are skipped within the first half. So, what you need to be is original but attention-grabbing. 

Being original is the essential requirement of brand awareness, as the competition is stiff, and you need to stand out. Highlight a few key business points, not more than 3 or 4. To capture attention effectively, try using a free video summarizer tool to condense your content lengthy footage into engaging highlights, enhancing viewer retention and brand impact. Only you know what makes you different from your competitors; use it to grab attention and deliver a clear and concise message. 

Promote it like crazy 

Once your video is ready after post-production, it’s time to promote it. Deploy your resources in promotions following the golden rule of marketing, the 80:20 rule. In the 80:20 rule, you spend 20% of your time creating content (including the video editing part) and polishing it, and the rest 80% is used in promoting it. It may seem little injustice to content creators, but it is how it is. There is no scarcity of content in the market, but it’s pretty pointless if no one sees it. Great, well-targetted, and persistent marketing is what makes all the difference. Marketing makes sure your content reaches the ideal customers. For this, you need to promote your content on as many platforms as possible. Use the most appropriate Social Media channels for your target audience, SEM, and Email marketing. To create awareness, you must find your place among users, and the more platforms and formats, the better. For example, you can use reels like short videos on Instagram or tell a story in the form of an explainer video. 

Once you are done with promotions, sit back and measure the results of your videos. You can use inbound links from videos to your website, or you can check your video hosting dashboard to see the engagement and which particular formats resonate most with your audience. Analytics will help you to build on what works. Adding inbound links to videos also benefits the website’s SEO which can be improved further by adding share buttons. 


Creating brand awareness is a fundamental part of any product or service journey. And video marketing is overwhelmingly the most powerful way that you can build a successful brand identity. Invest in the right equipment, test a range of video marketing strategies and use analytics to build on what works. Whatever line of business you are in, video marketing, done well, can and will transform your prospects.