9 Tips to Keep your Contractors & Freelancers Happy

Hiring reputable contractors and freelancers is one of the top strategies to achieve success. Unfortunately, some business owners don’t put effort into keeping their contractors content, which lowers job performance or necessitates regularly hiring new team members. Additionally, it may cascade down and harm or jeopardize the company’s bottom line.

Luckily, you can use a few simple strategies in your daily operations to keep your workers happy and content. 

Have Freelance Management Software in Place

Implementing freelance management software makes processes simpler, communications more efficient, and task management more effective. It guarantees that everyone involved in the freelance process—from managers to contractors—is familiar with and in control of their tasks.

With the right tool, you can find the top freelancers for your projects and negotiate and approve freelance contracts. In addition, freelance management software allows you to manage your assignments more efficiently, keep them organized, and even develop procedures to meet project-wide quality standards.

Set Clear Expectations

Establish online contracts for freelancers and contractors, and make sure to clarify your needs and expectations in advance. By doing this, everyone will be on the same page and working toward the same objective, which lowers the possibility of errors.

Moreover, if your directions and communications are clear, freelancers and contractors will be more inclined to accept future employment from your organization. They will feel like a team member and be more motivated to work hard.

Treat Them As A Valuable Member of Your Team 

Referrals and repeat business are what contractors and freelancers rely on, so they are vested in providing clients with reliable, high-quality work. Independent contractors can bring new eyes and perspectives to projects, and they might be aware of current best practices and approaches that would improve your productivity. 

In the end, both you and the contractors want the same thing. So, why not get to know them and share in their triumphs?

Pay on Time

Sure, mistakes can be made, and payments can occasionally be late due to unforeseen circumstances. If something should happen that would need you to pay your contractors after the due date, be honest with them about the situation. 

Most people will understand, but make sure it doesn’t become a habit. If you consistently pay late, they might damage your reputation and upset your contractor. 

Maximize Their Skills

Most freelancers and contractors are more than willing to take on various duties to support your business. Therefore, consider using their experience to advance your business. 

Assigning them to projects that complement their skill set will make them eager to take on a new project or work. They would also feel content and trustworthy, which would boost their morale and enhance their productivity.  

Avoid Micromanaging  

One of the main reasons people dislike working for others is micromanagement, which makes them feel untrusted and undervalued as professionals. 

Therefore, when hiring freelancers and contractors, it’s crucial to make them feel comfortable carrying out their duties without being continually overlooked. Check in sometimes if there are problems or doubts about the caliber of their job, but don’t be a micromanager.

Include Them in Your Company Culture

Freelancers and contractors are just as important to the success of your business as full-time workers, so you should make an effort to include them in your company culture.

You can do this by taking simple steps like telling them your business’s objectives, including them in workplace social media chats, and even inviting them on company outings. Doing so will strengthen their connection and dedication to the success of your company.

Be Available

When you hire contractors for your company, you must be available to them in case they have any queries regarding the work they have been given. Additionally, you might need to give them some training or direction on how to complete the task.

Give them your phone number, email address, or both so they can get in touch with you and avoid becoming irritated by a breakdown in communication.

Offer Creative Perks

Stop considering privileges to be exclusive to employees. Can you afford to pay for some of your contractors’ equipment, such as a new laptop or SAAS? Are you able to pay for their transportation if they are coming to the office? 

Also, don’t discount the significance of little gifts like gift cards or free meals. Small perks can go a long way in fostering goodwill.

Final Thoughts

You must make an effort to make sure that your freelancers and contractors feel valued for their hard work and keep them as content, productive, and committed as possible. Following the above tips will help you improve your reputation, so you can attract and keep the best of the best.