27 Women in Business Awards to Hit Up in 2023

Awards can give you and your business a massive boost. Regardless of whether there is prize money (though it’s always nice!) winning an award is a great PR and morale boost for everyone involved. While submitting nominations for women in business awards can be time-consuming, it also helps you to take stock and appreciate what you’ve achieved.

The achievements of women in business and female entrepreneurs are increasingly celebrated and acknowledged in the United Kingdom. A range of prestigious awards have been established to honour the remarkable contributions of women across diverse industries.

There are also female entrepreneur awards programmes and categories for women in under-represented ethnic groups and for diverse categories including social enterprise, health & wellbeing, creative industries as well as technology and engineering. These awards not only highlight the accomplishments of women in business but also provide tangible benefits and recognition.

In this article, we will explore the top women in business awards available for women in the UK, along with details on prizes, benefits, and up-to-date information on specific awards. We also list local and regional awards programmes.

Here is our, newly-updated, listing of all the Women’s Business and Female Entrepreneur Awards we’ve been able to find.

Women in Business Awards 2023

Asian Women of Achievement Awards

The AWA Awards recognize the achievements of Asian women in diverse categories such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Media, Arts & Culture, Social & Humanitarian, Professional, and Young Achiever. Nominees can apply online by completing an application form, providing details of their accomplishments, leadership, and impact. The application period generally opens several months before the awards ceremony, and it is recommended to regularly check the AWA Awards website for specific dates and deadlines.

Find out more: https://www.awaawards.com/

Black Women in Business Awards

Black Women in Business Awards was launched to recognise and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of exceptional Black Women in the UK who have worked hard to break down barriers and stigma attached to the successful, independent and entrepreneurial black woman. The Awards acknowledge and recognise women in large corporations and prominent roles and also women who have set up and manage smaller business operations as well as those who display and maintain entrepreneurial spirit.

Find out more: https://www.bwbawards.com/

Everywoman Awards

The Everywoman organization hosts several awards ceremonies, including the Everywoman in Retail Awards, Everywoman in Tech Awards, and Everywoman in Travel Awards, among others. These awards provide winners with industry recognition, access to mentoring programs, networking opportunities, and valuable exposure to potential investors and customers.

Find out more here: everywoman.com

Forward Ladies Awards

The Forward Ladies Awards is a prestigious annual event that recognizes and celebrates the achievements of women in business and leadership roles. Here is a summary of the awards, including categories, application details, and benefits:

The Forward Ladies Awards cover various categories, including Start-Up Business of the Year, SME Business of the Year, International Business of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and more. These categories aim to acknowledge women’s accomplishments across different sectors and stages of their careers.

Find out more: https://www.forwardladies.com/

The Great British BusinessWoman Awards

Encompassing an awards programme, a forum and a series of webinar sessions, the Great British Businesswoman Series’ mission is to provide a platform to recognise, celebrate and support women in business, champion their peers and advocates, and help foster the next generation of female business leaders. Categories include entrepreneurship and leadership as well as creative industries and social enterprise.

Find out more

National Business Women’s Awards

The Women in Business Awards, hosted by the National Business Women’s Awards, aim to recognize outstanding women entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators. Winners receive a prestigious trophy, extensive media coverage, and the opportunity to enhance their professional network. Additionally, the awards provide valuable exposure and recognition within the business community.

Nominations for these awards typically open in the early months of the year, and the application process involves submitting a comprehensive nomination form highlighting the nominee’s achievements, impact, and leadership qualities.

Find out more: https://eventsandpr.co.uk/national-business-womens-awards/

The Precious Awards

The PRECIOUS Awards recognize and celebrate the achievements of women of colour in the UK across various categories, including Business of the Year, Leadership, STEM, Young Entrepreneur, Outstanding Woman in Professional Services, Social Enterprise, and more. Nominees can apply online, providing details of their accomplishments and impact in their respective fields. The application period varies, so it’s important to check the official website for updates. Winners of the PRECIOUS Awards receive industry recognition, increased visibility, networking opportunities, and the chance to inspire others. These awards contribute to promoting diversity and inclusion by highlighting the significant contributions of women of colour in various sectors.

Find out more: http://preciousawards.com/

Saverah Women in Business Awards

The awards set out to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions made by the fast-growing community of Muslim female entrepreneurs in the UK, showcasing their visions, their challenges, and their stories of success. The awards are open to all businesses with female founders, CEO, shareholders, or partners. Businesses can enter up to 3 different categories.

Find out more: https://saverahwomeninbusiness.com/

Women in Construction and Engineering Awards

The Women in Construction and Engineering Awards honor women who have excelled in traditionally male-dominated industries. Winners receive industry recognition, enhanced professional visibility, and networking opportunities with influential individuals. The awards also inspire and empower women to pursue careers in construction and engineering.

Find out more: http://wiceawards.com/

Women in Finance Awards

The Women in Finance Awards honor the accomplishments of women in the finance sector. Winners receive recognition as industry leaders, opportunities for professional growth, and enhanced visibility within the finance community. The awards also offer networking opportunities with influential figures and provide a platform for advocating gender diversity in finance.

Find out more: https://womeninfinance.co.uk/

Women in IT Awards

The Women in IT Awards celebrate outstanding women in the information technology sector. Winners gain industry recognition, exposure to potential career opportunities, and access to exclusive events and conferences. Additionally, the awards showcase the achievements of women in IT and inspire others to pursue careers in technology.

Find out more: https://womeninitawards.com/

The Women in Tech Excellence Awards

These awards celebrate women’s accomplishments in the technology sector. Applicants can complete an online form highlighting their achievements, leadership, and contributions. The application period varies, so checking the official website is important. Winners gain industry recognition, increased visibility, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive events. The awards inspire and empower women in tech, promoting diversity and inspiring future generations.

Find out more: https://womenintechexcellence.co.uk

Women of the Future Awards

The Women of the Future Awards celebrate the achievements of exceptional young women under 35 across various industries. Winners receive widespread media exposure, mentoring opportunities, and access to a powerful network of influential individuals. Additionally, the awards offer a platform to inspire future generations and access to exclusive development programs.

Find out more: https://awards.womenofthefuture.co.uk/

Women of the Year Awards

The Women of the Year Awards is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of exceptional women across a wide range of fields. This prestigious recognition highlights the remarkable contributions made by women in society. The awards cover various categories, including Business, Entrepreneurship, Science, Arts, Sports, Public Service, and Young Achiever.

To apply for the Women of the Year Awards, individuals are typically nominated by someone else who recognizes their exceptional achievements.

Find out more: https://www.womenoftheyear.org.uk/


National Awards for Women in Business

Scotland – Association of Scottish Business Women Awards

Northern Ireland – Women In Business NI Awards

Ireland – Women Mean Business Awards


Regional and Local Awards for Women in Business

North West England – Enterprise Vision Awards 

The awards distinguish those women who are leading the way in their industries or are building businesses that are not only judged on turnover, but growth, creativity, ethics, passion and commitment.

The EVAS are open to all women in business including business owners, employees, CEOs and homeworkers, young entrepreneurs and silverpreneurs. You can enter yourself or nominate a woman who you believe deserves to be recognised for her outstanding work.

Kent – Kent Women in Business Awards

Banbury – Women in Business Awards

West Country  West Country Women Awards

North West England and North Wales – Inspiring Women Awards

North Notts Business Women Awards.

East Midland Enterprising Women Awards

International Awards for Women in Business

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards – open to early-stage women entrepreneurs in all countries.

Stevie Awards: The Stevie Awards for Women in Business are the only global, all-encompassing business awards program for women executives, women entrepreneurs, and the organizations they run.

Last words

The availability of dedicated women in business awards and female entrepreneur awards in the UK highlights the growing recognition and celebration of women’s achievements across various industries. These awards not only offer accolades and prizes but also provide invaluable benefits such as enhanced visibility, networking opportunities, and access to influential individuals.

By participating in these prestigious awards, women in business and female entrepreneurs can gain recognition, inspire others, and contribute to fostering gender diversity and equality in the workplace. Stay updated on award websites and application periods to ensure timely submissions and maximize the chances of receiving well-deserved recognition and the accompanying benefits.

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