What A Network Marketer Should Do in Their First 60 Days

Getting off on the right foot in direct sales is key to your long term success.

Everyone joins direct sales or network marketing to reach goals. No one joins with an expectation to fail and yet unfortunately many do.

1 – It IS A Business

The first thing to do for your business is to recognize that it IS a business.

Whether you want a full-time income or a part-time income you must treat it like a business.  Recognize that the professionalism you give to a job outside the home will give you the same results when applied to your home business.

2 – Date Your First Parties or Events Before Signing Up

Launch your new business strategically. Before you even sign on the dotted line date four events.

Plan on hosting two ‘practice’ shows in your home and two online party events as well.

Make a list of everyone you would invite if you were planning your wedding and reach out to them to assist you in the practice shows.

“Hi Aunt Mary, I just joined MyFantasticCompany and am having four practice shows, two online and two LIVE – they are (these dates): which one can you come to and help me practice?!”

3 – Write a Schedule

Like a job, you must go to work to get paid. Write a schedule for your business.

If you want a part-time paycheck, then schedule 10 – 30 hours per week. If you want a full-time paycheck then schedule 40 hours per week.

Then WORK those hours – if you must change them fine, but reschedule the time!

4 – Learn and LOVE ‘No’

As a newbie it is essential that you understand that everyone does not want dessert.

Don’t take it personally when someone says ‘no’!

It means “no thank you, I am really not interested.” It does not mean “no, and I am mad that you asked.”

Every no is a sign that you are on a path to yes. With experience, and the no is the experience, you will hear a yes 1:10 times.

5 – Don’t Stress About Product knowledge

Product knowledge is the least important thing to focus on. You will develop that as you go along.

Instead focus on your relationship-building skills and your sales presentation. Study the art of relationships and presentation skills.

6 – Sales Means “To Serve”

Literally, the root meaning of sales is ‘to serve’ so focus on that and your business will thrive.

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