The Joy of Inventing, with Jennifer Lawrence and my mum Mandy Haberman

Nadia FinerWho knew, our Charter member and podcaster Nadia Finer is the daughter of inventor Mandy Haberman. Mandy is one of the UK’s best known female entrepreneur inventors, she came up with the ‘Anyway up cup’ in the 1990’s and she’s also profiled on the Prowess site.

In her latest podcast Nadia talks about taking her mum to see the film Joy, which stars Jennifer Lawrence. It’s based on the story of Joy Mangano, who also launched an entrepreneurial career based on a domestic invention: a mop.

Nadia talks about the parallels in their stories: the determination, success and also the huge legal battles both faced when large companies tried to steal their ideas. And she talks about how it felt being the child of such an entrepreneurial mother.

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