A step into the unknown – are you courageous enough?

It is the time of year when many people start to think about what they really want. Nothing is banned from the spotlight of introspection as the end of the year approaches. And this inevitably results in a Christmas holiday full of anxiety and considerations, followed quite often by a January full of new hope, resolutions, job changes, career changes and lifestyle changes.

But when the next step means taking a leap into the unknown by resigning your job and setting up on your own, then how do you stay calm and find the courage within you to actually do it?

Well… if this is what you really want to do, but you just keep putting it off for another few months or years, I have some ideas…

Step by Step

Clear your head. You can do this by going for a walk, having a bath and a pamper, perhaps with a www.Goldbee.com product. Then work out your plan, your goal, or your dream. Write it down. Make it clear and focused so aim for just one sentence. Now stick it to your fridge or mirror. Bring it to life in words.

Next, clear some space on your table and begin to write a list of people. On the left-hand side write down the names of all those close to you who keep on saying that leaving your job is a scary thing or ‘but what if you fail?’. On the right-hand side of your paper write down the names of all those who keep on saying that you should just ‘go for it’ or ‘you’ll be brilliant’. Now vow to minimise time with those on the left (just for now while you are making changes) and maximise time with those on the right. Pin your list somewhere really visible. Now enjoy spending time with those who boost you up, rather than drag you down.

Next, take a long shower and as you wash away yesterday and ‘what used to be’, identify just one small thing you can do to move towards your goal or plan. Nothing life-changing, nothing too dramatic, just one small thing you can do to move you forwards and vow to start doing it straight away.

Wondering, where I’m going to send you next? Well, it’s to your wardrobe! It’s time to check out your image. You want to give up the office work and become a professional artist? Well, see what clothes you have in your wardrobe that make you look like an artist. Want to turn your hand to stand-up comedy? Want to run a shipping company? Check out what’s in your wardrobe that will make you look the part. This is about acting ‘as if’. You haven’t yet made the change, but acting ‘as if’ and looking ‘as if’ you are already in your new role will bring it to life for you and ease the transition. Try it. You will be amazed at how it changes how you view yourself.

And when you are dressed and looking the part, its time to look in the mirror and deal with what goes on in your head. Listen to some of your head talk. Pay it good attention. What has your head been saying to you? Is it negative, doubting, anxiety-inducing or depressing? Or is it boosting, positive, adventurous and energetic? Identify what is going on in your head and if 80% of it is negative, then it’s time to give yourself a stern talking to. Banish all negative head talk. Consciously put a stop to it, and get your head in the right place for positivity and change.

Following these few steps won’t set you up in a business that will make you millions or deliver your lifelong dream. It might not even give you the courage to ‘give it a go’ just yet, but I really hope that following these few simple steps will be enough to point you in the right direction. Give you focus and clarity about what you want and an exciting starting point for your journey.

You want to walk 10,000 miles? Does it feel far? It doesn’t matter how far it feels. Take the first step today and you are already on your way. How good does that feel?

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    • Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you also like the one I have just written for next month. Its about what can be achieved by business owners if we all pull in the same direction.


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