Reaching Potential Customers with SEO

Consumers are fast-forwarding through commercials and paying less attention to billboards. Take a look around you. How many smart phones do you see? That’s how you need to reach them.

Working with SEO can be fun and exciting because it’s a constantly growing sector with no end in sight. On the internet you can be your own brand which can be highly beneficial when you’re looking to branch out.

What SEO Can Do For You

Search engine optimization is a service that many companies are seeking out providers for, and really paying very good money for. Optimizing your articles to rank higher in search engines means that you’ll be obtaining a higher level of exposure than your colleagues. Doing keyword research to figure out the terms that are most viable for your ranking is going to help you dominate in those rankings.

Applying SEO to the content you create is not only going to give you prominence in search engines but it can also lead to higher rankings for your business or the company or organization you work for. This is only true, however, if you are creating quality content in your industry.

Google’s Author Rank

Google is now taking Author Rank into consideration, so make sure that


A. You’re tagging your Google+ profile in all of the content you publish online


B. Make sure you’re keeping up with your Google+ account.

Being social never hurt anyone. As a matter of fact it can really help you. View socializing as networking, making connections with people in and out of your industry. You never know who will be interested in acquiring your expertise next.

Not to mention that Google+ is actually a great method to conduct business. You can share articles you’ve written, group people into “circles” so you can decide who gets to see what, and use the “Hangouts” option for conference calls and meetings.

Social media is so much more today than just a way to keep up with old friends. It’s a marketing machine that you need to take advantage of if you aren’t already. And it keeps you on Google’s radar. Let’s face it – if Google partnered with Apple, they would probably rule the world.

Applying SEO To Your Business

Applying SEO strategies can help you grow within your chosen industry faster than you would have otherwise, and it can provide positive exposure and engagement for you and your company.

Content Marketing

Creating unique content that pertains to your industry and marketing it on the internet can:

  1. Provide you with exposure as a writer
  2. Promote your business or the business for which you work
  3. Introduce new audiences to your products or services

All of which will ultimately lead to increased sales and revenue.

Guest posting on blogs that are relevant to your industry will give the readers of that blog an introduction to you and your business as well as show how knowledgeable you are on a given subject. You could get started here on Prowess 2.0.

Creating posts that engage your followers on social media will entice them to share with their friends who are potential new followers or customers for you.

Putting it into action

You own a company that sells waffle irons. The culinary arts have been a passion of yours as far back as you can remember and you want to share that love with the world. How do you make the marketing of a waffle iron unique, intriguing, and engaging?

Here’s an idea – write an article about the multitude of food items you can cook using a waffle iron, maybe even touch on how it can be healthier, and share recipes.

■     Cinnamon rolls (just drizzle them with frosting instead of syrup)

■     Hash browns (no grease and they get crispy)

■     Cookies (no need to use the oven)

■     Types of waffles (blueberry, strawberry, chocolate chip, red velvet etc)

■     Quesadillas

■     Waffle Sundae

Even better, do you sell waffle irons that can cook waffles in different shapes?

■     Hearts

■     Happy Faces

■     Triangles

Do not limit yourself to one audience. Think about the multitude of people you could reach for this one product.

  • Stay at home mums
  • Single dads
  • Students
  • Anyone with a sweet tooth
  • Waffle fiends (yes they exist)

Did all of that sound a bit odd and inapplicable? Here is a screenshot of Pinterest after having typed in the term “waffle iron” into their search engine:



Top right – Hash Browns

Bottom Center – Cinnamon Buns

Top Left – Special shapes

Top Center – Cookies

The truth is: EVERYTHING is marketable. You just needs to know how to go about it.

Is This Really Applicable To All Business?

Yes, it is. There is a great need for content of all types and whatever your expertise, believe me, there is someone searching for it.

Are you involved with the law? Use content marketing to rank articles you write about new laws coming into place and how they will affect people. The effect on the layman is all too often ignored on these issues. People want to know this information and it is not easy to come by.

Is there a new development in politics that you feel you can explain well, or give insight to, tackle with a new angle? Do it. Try it. Find somewhere to publish it. Writing unique content gives you the opportunity to be noticed by potential customers.

Are you a freelance writer that just keeps getting turned down by publishing houses? Publish your work yourself. Start a fan page and build a fanbase. Start to sell your product on Amazon and Kindle. You may raise the money to be able to print copies of the book or find a book shop that is willing to carry your book. Let all those publishers see what they missed out on. You may possibly stumble upon a new deal that wouldn’t have come up otherwise.

Do you own a small business? Use content marketing to branch out into new niche markets. Use social media to engage your customers. Use your website to collect emails for a biweekly newsletter where customers can receive discounts or be invited to pre-sales.

There is unlimited possibility to learn SEO strategies for yourself. You can grow as much or as little as you’d like by incorporating content marketing into your overall marketing strategy

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  1. Can I just say that I LOVE how you set us up with the waffle iron topics, and then showed us how it really happens in Pinterest? Up until that point I was just thinking “okay, nothing new here,” but you really drove home how real and accessible content marketing can be.

    Then to follow it up with hard-to-write-about industries was icing on the cake, er, waffle. Great article!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! Sorry I didnt respond sooner, I JUST got an email that there were comments. I really want to provide articles for people that explain how anyone can apply SEO. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Thanks roxanne for marking the exact points of SEO if from the start of the campaign we target our users then it will be so easy to maintain ranks and minimize the effects of google algorithms


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