4 Ways to Be Memorable To Your Customers

bagsMemorable branding and marketing is one of the most important ways to draw in new customers and retain them. Even if your product is excellent, you’re working in an age where information is transmitted at light speed and consumers are inundated with choices both online as well as in the High Street. However, some of the simplest tactics of how to make your business memorable are the most effective. Here are four ways to maximize your packaging and promote your brand at the same time.

1. Packages That Have Punch

Shopping bags are one of the strongest tools you can wield to leave a final impression of your brand with your customers. Any business can settle for generic, uninventive bags to either stow merchandise or for promotional carrier bags, but you want to make yours special. For affordable options, a great place to check out is Carrierbagsforsale.co.uk. Buying bags in bulk is a good way to cut back on unnecessary expense. Carrier bags come in a wide range of styles, materials, and colours, and the best way to decide on what you need should be based on your industry. For example, although a minimalist paper bag with a twist handle might look lovely in your customer’s hand, if you’re selling heavy electronics, it’s not a good match. Make sure that the carrier bag you choose fits your merchandise.

2. Match the Bag to the Brand

Hongkiat highlights some of the best shopping bag designs in the last year, and the consistent factor that appears in each one is a strong and clever tie-in to the company’s brand. You need to keep this in mind when you’re selecting a carrier bag, because it makes you stand out. While that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go looking for an award winning graphic designer to formulate an entirely new brand concept, especially if you’re at the helm of a small business, this link is worth paying attention to.

3. Play Up Your Environmental Consciousness

In an age where climate change¬†is a bigger concern than ever, nothing is more appealing to a socially conscious consumer these days than businesses that demonstrate environmental responsibility. One of the biggest sources of waste when it comes to consumer products is excess packaging and bags. To earn your business some bonus image points, make sure you’re choosing biodegradable and environmentally friendly carrier bags. The Guardian reports that while product quality remains the driving force for British consumers, 69 percent of UK adults said that they would prefer to buy eco-friendly clothing. In other words, while being an eco-friendly force in the business world isn’t going to earn you customers upfront, it will certainly help your reputation and present your social face as an appealing one. This is important when it comes to maintaining a memorable brand and presence within the global marketplace, and using carrier bags that are environmentally friendly is a great way to do so.

4. Boosting Your Brand at Every Level

Positive brand and business image is an indispensable quality when it comes to retaining customer loyalty and working on new consumer acquisition. There are multiple points of engagement, though, that many businesses take for granted as they interact with their customers. In the same way that a static advertisement is much more effective with an interactive element like a downloadable app or contest, the same goes for when a customer carries a bag or packaging around with your logo on it. Ira Kalb, a professor of marketing at the University of Southern California, writes for Huffington Post that one of the most important ways to uphold and cultivate a positive corporate image is to utilize every opportunity to tout your successes. Engaging with your customers in this way helps to retain and encourage word of mouth testimonials to wider social networks. Having the right packaging is a great way to take advantage of these moments. One tactic you might try is to put positive quotes, reviews, or statistics along with your brand on your carrier bags and other packaging materials. This reinforces the idea that you’re a reputable company with a positive image, but the key is using every moment of contact with customers to drive this home. Although carrier bags are simply a way for purchases to get to a destination, don’t waste an opportunity to connect back to your brand and pump up the positivity.

Consumers these days expect everything to come in an attractive package, and in order to hold their attention you need something captivating. Having a solid, consistent brand that appears on everything from letterhead to carrier bags is an essential way to drive your business’s concept and products home. Being memorable in a busy marketplace is extremely important in today’s commerce world, but following through on those tiny details puts you at the fore of remaining relevant and visible to your customers.

Image: Shopping bags via Shutterstock

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