Basic Tech Equipment Everyone Working From Home Needs

Working from home is a situation that has become common with many businesses and companies. If you are not prepared for the adjustments, you can easily fall behind. Here is an informative list of the basic tech equipment you need to fulfill your work-from-home needs.


One of the most important aspects of a stay-at-home job is your broadband internet connectivity. No matter how great your computer or laptop setup is, it won’t mean anything if you have an unreliable internet connection. This is important because you need to be able to stay connected with your team and with other employees. High speed Broadband is essential during online video meetings and times when you have to be able to send or receive data or information. In order to ensure that you have the connection you need, ensure that you have the proper hardware which means the router and network, as well as a broadband plan that provides the speed to accommodate your needs. Most internet service providers will provide and install all of that kit for you. 

Computer Or Laptop

The most important piece of equipment you will need for your work-from-home setup is a computer or laptop. In most cases, a desktop is a much better option for a consistent setup, as they are often cheaper than a laptop and offer better performance than their smaller counterparts. They obviously have bigger screen options, though you can also plug a laptop into a separate screen. Specialists like those at can help you choose the right option taking into account the industry you work in. The best computer varies according to how you use it, for example certain jobs such as anything design-related, programming, or video editing require a lot more processing power.

The benefits of a laptop would be if you are limited in terms of space or need the portability of a laptop, and you are not limited in terms of your budget.

Essential Monitors

When setting up your work from the home office, you will need a monitor for your desktop. As mentioned in terms of performance needs, the features and options of your monitor will also depend on the job you have and the programs you run. If you are in any art or design fields, having the proper monitor ensures your colors are correct and you are able to see all the details you need. Some setups require multiple screens or simply benefit from the wider range in terms of visuals, from financial careers to the previously noted programming jobs. Extra monitors will be able to connect to both desktop and laptop setups and should be considered for highly demanding work from home jobs.

Office Chair

work at home hazards

Working from home means that you will be spending a lot of time on your computer, sitting on your backside! This means that an extended amount of your day will be spent sitting down. If you are not careful, this can be detrimental to your physical health and have problematic long-term effects. You need to consider buying the right office chair that will prioritize your ergonomics. It is important that you find a chair that you will be comfortable sitting on for several hours during the day, that also prioritizes your posture and ensures that you minimize any body aches and pains. If you aren’t selective about your chair, you could easily end up with a lot of back pain, which will prevent you from being effective during working hours.

High Quality Webcam

With the move to working at home, many meetings and communications are going to be done online. You will be spending a significant amount of your time on webcams, as this creates a method of staying connected in a personal way with your coworkers. All laptops come with a webcam, but they don’t always have the best quality. For your desktop, and improving your laptop, consider a better quality camera to make a better impression on your colleagues.

Ergonomic Keyboard And Mouse

Speaking of ergonomics, other equipment you need to consider is your keyboard and mouse. You will be spending just as much time on these pieces of equipment and although you can get by with the basics, it can be worth it to purchase more ergonomically friendly devices. Such options can assist in creating a more comfortable experience while working, reducing the potential issues of muscle strain and pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be felt outside of your working hours and cause pain even when you are not on your computer. 

Storage Devices

It is important that you have all your information stored safely and securely. A good practice for many individuals that work from home is having options to save your important data on external and backup storage devices. For businesses such as photography and videography, where your products will involve large data files, you need to always have backups. No matter how powerful your computer systems are, there is always a risk of unexpected issues, where your computer or network can shut down. There are many situations where you can inadvertently lose hours of work or the majority of your important files. You should always make it a habit of saving backup files of your data, as well as creating system backups for your computer as well, in the event you need to restore your desktop to a previous state. This ensures that you are prepared no matter what happens.

Surge Protectors

Another method of protecting your computer, your systems, and your files is with a surge protector. You will never be able to anticipate a power outage, and if this occurs during your working hours when you are on your computer, a power surge can cause your systems to shut down or fail. A surge protector provides another layer of protection to help keep your information and your systems safe.

Working from home can be difficult if you are not properly prepared and set up. It is the responsibility of many employers to provide their employees the tools to succeed. It is also up to the employee to determine if they have everything required to do their job. Be sure that you have all the equipment you need to help your team and make your work much easier.