7 Business Podcasts for Rising Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are the new radio – except they aren’t filled with pop songs from 2005 and provide much better niche content spread over an ocean’s worth of topics. But which ones are worth giving the time of day to? Don’t waste time searching. These are the best business podcasts every entrepreneur should be listening to right now.

Podcasts have snowballed into the go-to audio entertainment for home, work, and on the go. Business podcasts have now taken up space in the lives of entrepreneurs, marketers, and managers who want to stay clued in. They offer real advice, in real-time, from real experts. Information is the edge that everyone needs and podcasts provide just that; in a way that can conveniently be consumed during a commute or lunchtime.

Finding time to listen to a podcast is one thing, but actually finding the podcast itself can be a bigger issue. Just keep in mind that, due to regional restrictions and provider limitations, not all podcasts are available everywhere. It’s frustrating to get locked out of content due to some trivial concept. Find a VPN, download and install it to circumvent this issue.

Here are six great podcasts that have mastered the art of turning expert business advice into one solid show.

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is one of the most successful business authors out there, thanks to ground-breaking books like The 4-Hour Work Week. He started this podcast years ago to provide a more central place for his philosophies around managing a company. It’s a melting pot of ideas from Tim Ferris himself and interviews with leaders from companies like Reddit and Rolling Stone.

This podcast is the ideal gateway to the world of business podcasts and a must for anyone who’s been feeling stuck in a rut. Ferris provides much needed new perspectives and actionable advice in his show. Just keep in mind that these shows can run long (3hrs+) and that there are many of them so be selective.

2. The Brainy Business

The host of The Brainy Business, Melina Palmer, studies behavioral economics or getting to the heart of why people buy. Her nearly hour-long shows take on the science behind topics like priming and scarcity. And she might go into great detail about complex structures, but these shows are anything but snoozefests. Melina always finds a way to keep things interesting and intersperses the information-heavy talk with light quips and mannerisms.

3. StartUp by Gimlet Media

StartUp just might be one of the most interesting business podcasts out there right now. Unlike most other podcasts in this genre, this one takes on the form of a continuous story. As told by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, who talk about trying to get a business off the ground.

It’s a little meta, and full of personal anecdotes, but it’s one of the most honest looks at what starting a business is like. Season one is about getting Gimlet Media up and running, season 2 is about a dating company, and the third is about various businesses.

4. The $100 MBA Show

Not everyone has time to listen to people talking for hours on end so they can get to the point. The $100 MBA Show by Omar Zenhom is packed full of valuable advice in short, easy to consume chunks. He has a talent for taking complicated concepts and explaining them in a way that any business owner can understand. Whether they’re new or experienced.

5. Business Wars

This podcast hasn’t been around for very long, but it’s already built up a cult following. Business Wars takes on the relationships between big competitors and how they’ve fared over the years. David D. Brown breaks down big rivalries, like that between Pepsi and Coke. He then provides an in-depth look at how they’ve handled it and what others can learn from their wins and losses.

This podcast isn’t necessarily packed full of tips and advice, but it’s an interesting (and educational) show worth looking at.

7. Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas has been at this for a while now, and his podcast reflects that. New episodes are uploaded every day, and they take on everything business owners should think about, from large to small. Most of the episodes consist of him interviewing other entrepreneurs who provide inspiration and relevant strategies from their own experiences.

Tuning In

Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of good avenues to capitalise on for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and themselves. Podcasts like the ones above are a great way to accomplish that because they’re easy to consume from practically anywhere. They should be the first pit stop for anyone who’s looking for new inspiration and insider tips in their industry.

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