Don’t Let Dressing for Success Ruin Your Health

We’ve all heard the phrase “dress for success.” Although more women than ever are working from home, there are still situations when you have to dress professionally. Dressing for success can be important when meeting clients, appearing in court, public speaking, and a host of other situations. One of the pitfalls of dressing for success is sacrificing comfort or your health to look fabulous. If you regularly have to dress up in a suit or dress for work, remember to consider your body as well as your appearance.

Poorly Designed Bras

This is one of the least talked-about but most common problems with foundationwear. A good, supportive bra provides a sleek layer under blouses and dresses that creates an attractive line and keeps your breasts from sagging. However, if you wear a bra that isn’t the right size, it can encourage poor posture and cause uncomfortable pinching. Wearing a bra too long every day can also contribute to indigestion, IBS and heartburn due to bras that are too tight and squeeze internal organs.

Visit a lingerie store department and get properly measured and fitted for your next bra. Studies have shown that an astonishing eight out of ten women in the UK are wearing the wrong size bra. If you fall into that group, you could suffer consequences down the road.

The Wrong Shoes

High heels look elegant and elongate the leg. They also add height for more imposing stature and many women say that heels make them feel more confident. However, wearing high heels over 2.5″ inches or having narrow, pointed toes can lead to a wide range of foot problems. Walking around in high heels also tends to push you off balance, with too much weight on your toes and the balls of your feet. This can lead to bunions, hammertoes, and other problems that, without treatment by professionals like those at, could require orthotics or more invasive surgery.

If you have to wear heels, opt for shoes with a heel no higher than 2.5 inches. The heel should be blocky (no stilettos!), and the shoe needs good arch support. Make sure the toe box is ample and rounded or squared-off, so your toes aren’t scrunched together. Ideally, only wear heels a few days a week, switching them out with flats or low-rise heels with plenty of support.


In the 1970s, girdles were thrown away. Women had the freedom to not bind themselves with rigid, binding materials that forced their bodies into submission. Sadly, today’s shapewear has taken its place. Occasionally wearing shapewear under a dress for a special occasion is fine, but don’t wear shapewear every day. Over time, your core muscles will weaken and be less effective, which isn’t good. Your organs are squished and can trigger acid reflux. Wearing shapewear for long periods also encourages the growth of bacteria where moisture gets trapped (think the crotch area and under the breasts).

Dressing for success has come a long way since the era of wasp waists, shoulder pads, and power suits, but there’s still a long way to go. Don’t sacrifice your health or comfort to dress the part of a successful woman. Remember real confidence is an inside job.