Embracing the post-lockdown change – how the pandemic has affected hairdressing trends

The pandemic has certainly impacted fashion trends, and that doesn’t just stop at clothes. Styles of haircuts and colours have evolved over the last couple of years, from DIY bleached front strips to the renaissance of voluminous 90s roller curls.

However, with hairdressers permanently open for the foreseeable future, many people are looking to get rid of their lockdown haircuts, and seek treatments that cannot be done at home. So, how should you as a hairdresser react to those wanting a drastic change?

Professional services

One of the main reasons clients come to the salon is because they cannot achieve their desired look at home, by themselves. For example, they may be looking for bouncy layers after years of DIY blunt cuts, or a colour strip or lift from home-dye experiments gone wrong.

After two years of intermittent lockdowns, hairdressers should be prepared to face clients who are asking for drastic changes. This is due to more options becoming available since hairdressers re-opening post-pandemic or perhaps some people never sorted their home disasters. There is also a large number of clients who’ve not yet ventured out to the salon and are more likely to do so now that all restrictions have been removed and infection rates are dropping.

Here are some ideas of how to approach your client’s wants and needs in these unprecedented times.

Changing colour

A change in colour is a big decision, and pre-pandemic we have always seen seasonal changes in hair colour trends. If a client comes to the salon and expresses that they would like to change up their colour but doesn’t seem completely certain, then you could offer them a semi-permanent hair colour treatment.

Semi-permanent hair colour is ammonia-free and fades with every wash. This is an excellent way for a client to trial a new hair colour without commitment or risking unnecessary damage. If they don’t like it – it’s not permanent so won’t last forever, but if they love it, then you’ve secured a customer for future permanent colour treatments!

Semi-permanent colour, which is also sometimes referred to as a gloss, can be used to give dull hair a fresh and shiny look. You may find clients who have neglected their hair over the course of lockdown, and semi-permanent colour could be the solution for them!

Change in style

We are now seeing people opt for major changes in their hairstyles to signify the end of the pandemic as restrictions ease. A new haircut is often seen as a ‘cleanse’, and in this period of time, a hair transformation signifies leaving behind the anxieties and hardships of the pandemic.

Be prepared to cut some long choppy bobs – these are perfect for those who want the snip, but also provide a safety net of being able to grow back quickly or appear longer due to the layers. Many people are also letting their fringe grow out into long bangs, which you as a hairdresser will have the task of styling!

Another emerging trend is that a lot of people are embracing their grey hairs. Add a gloss or toner to emphasise and beautify those silver tones!

Post-lockdown life in the salon is sure to be different, so acquaint yourself with the newest trends and prepare yourself to style a variety of haircuts!