Establish Your Brand On Amazon In 6 Simple Steps is a behemoth of an online marketplace, with more than 400 million active customers and £75 billion in revenue for 2017. It’s also one of the largest brand-building platforms on earth. With so many visitors and so much potential brand visibility, Amazon could be just about as important to your brand today as Facebook or Google!

But how do you establish your brand on Amazon? Let’s take a look at six simple steps that will get you going.

Register for an Amazon Seller Account

If you’re brand new to selling on Amazon, the first step is actually getting a seller account. This process can be tricky and might require some back-and-forth communication with an Amazon representative before it’s approved. This is a mandatory step before setting up the perfect Amazon brand store ready for selling worldwide! Once your brand has been established as a brand registered for sale on Amazon, you’ll have access to all of its tools!

This includes the option of starting an Amazon FBA business. That is running your business as part of the Fulfilled By Amazon scheme, where Amazon stores your goods and sends them directly to customers.

Create a Listing with Your Item Description and Price

The next step is to create a listing for your brand. This includes writing up a description of the product and setting its price. A great way to do this is through Amazon’s own brand registry, which gives you access to templates that make it easy to share information about your brand across all kinds of formats (like on YouTube).

You’ll also want to be sure to include some tags in there as well! Tags are key aspects about each item that buyers will search by when they’re looking around – for instance, “black,” “felt hat,” or “trucker hat”. Make sure you have at least five good descriptive words here so people can find your brand easily while browsing different categories.

You can also put your listings together in an Amazon store. Follow Amazon’s step-by-step instructions on how to do that, or get help from specialists like Amazon Agency.

Add Pictures of Your Product to the Listing

There’s nothing worse for a brand than forgetting to include pictures of the product! People need to see what they’re buying before they buy it, so don’t forget this step in establishing your brand on Amazon. At least one picture is required by any listing you create – but if you have more time and resources available, try including up to ten images per item that show off different angles or details about the product.

It might also be helpful when selling items like clothing to give buyers an idea of how things fit so make sure these are included as well.

To add photos, simply click “Add Photos” at the top right corner of your page while creating a new listing then upload them from your computer once prompted. You can also add images from other listings you’ve already created if they’re relevant to the one being made now.

Just make sure these are clear, high-quality pictures that tell shoppers exactly what your brand is offering them!

As an added bonus, adding photos of real people using or engaging with your product can boost sales and help establish trust with buyers (just be careful about any potential rights issues). You might even consider giving out free samples in exchange for buyer feedback on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook as a way to attract new customers while establishing yourself online.

Make Sure your Listing is Optimized For Conversion With Keywords, Bullet Points, and Other Details

Once you’ve created your listing, it’s time to make sure all the information is optimized for conversion.

You’ll want to include a few bullet points describing what makes your brand unique while highlighting any benefits associated with buying from you as well (like a free delivery).

And don’t forget about adding an FAQ section! People have lots of good questions before they buy something online, so be prepared by including answers in advance on Amazon listings. This might help encourage sales if shoppers are feeling uncertain about certain aspects of their purchase.

Get Feedback on Your Items To Improve Quality Control

You might also want to consider getting feedback on your brand’s products before they’re even listed. This can help inform how much or little you invest in each item and ensure that every brand purchase is worth the cost.

Keep Track of Inventory Levels and Order Fulfillment Status

Finally, make sure you’re keeping track of inventory levels and order fulfillment status so that when someone does buy from Amazon your brand is ready to go into action!

Make some kind of system for tracking orders either digitally or with a pen and paper – the important thing here is consistency.

With a little bit of time and effort, you will be able to establish your brand on Amazon in no time. We’ve provided six simple steps that should help with the process. All it takes is following these guidelines and success should follow!