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After our recent article on Guerrilla Marketing, we thought we would follow up and throw some light on the topic of the quickly evolving experiential marketing.

So what is experiential marketing? While traditional marketing primarily focuses on TV, radio and print, experiential marketing immerses customers within the brand itself, creating a unique and memorable experience. If done well, it provides companies with a significant advantage in the YouTube and social sharing era creating a lot more brand exposure and evoking emotional connections between companies and consumers.

A great example of experiential marketing is the Weetabix ‘Ultimate Sports Day’. While this was led by RPM Ltd, one of the top agencies for experiential campaigns across the UK, small businesses can adapt and learn a lot from the campaign.

‘Ultimate Sports Day’ centred on local primary schools taking part in a group of sporting events at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with Olympic champion Mo Farah making an appearance. Check out the video below and read RPM’s weekly blog posts for more.

Ultimate Sports Day

The beauty of experiential marketing is that you do not need a hefty budget to get started; it is a very flexible advertising strategy. Many established brands spend large funds on their campaigns but smaller businesses can still take advantage of social networks such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook to keep budgets low or spend no money at all.

It is amazing what you can create with just your smartphone in just a few seconds, whether it is a Vine or even a Snapchat. These are just a few of many basic methods in experiential marketing and there will surely be many other opportunities becoming available in the future for businesses to expand their engagement with their existing or potential clients.

Let us know in the comments below of any successes or failures you have seen or experienced with these experiential campaigns.

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  1. What a brilliant way to get kids involved! Experiential Marketing is fantastic and when done right it really can create that memorable experience- in my personal opinion that beats those traditional methods by a mile!


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