Have You Made the Key Decision as a Female Breadwinner?

It’s a special responsibility when you’re a female breadwinner. You’re the one bringing in the money for your family. You have the duty to make sure everyone is fed, clothed and sheltered.

Your family can be just you and your cat; or you, your partner and children; or helping elderly parents. It can feel daunting. Terrifying. Nowhere to hide. You have others dependent on you.

And, there’s you as well. You’re breadwinner for yourself. You ARE the knight in shining armour!

Have you made the key decision as a female breadwinner?

Why You Need to Make That Key Decision

It’s easy to rush from task to task, feeling like you never stop. You have so much to do! What will happen if you stop? Do you have a little voice inside you whispering that your world will fall in? Bad things will happen?

Making that key decision involves investment of time and, often, money. Will you make that investment?

What Does Being a Breadwinner Mean?

We’ve been led to believe that the family breadwinner brings in the money. This is true. It’s more than that, though: it’s about compassion and commitment and direction.

Let me ask you a question. Is the person who earns the cash a breadwinner if they immediately spend that money? – Go out boozin’ on the cocktails on payday or spend the lot on shoes, handbags or maybe the new tech toy?

That’s so irresponsible, you say. You’d be right. Being a breadwinner means being an adult about money.

What is the Key Decision You Need to Make as a Female Breadwinner?

There is one key decision you need to make if you are a female breadwinner. Are you willing to make the leap to looking at your money head on? Looking at your business money head on? Looking at how you handle your accounting head on?

No matter how much money you bring in, you’re at the mercy of it unless you take your head out of the sand and take responsibility.

Are you reading this and now feeling uncomfortable, with a sudden desire to clean the cupboards or wanting to argue with me? Your inner self is telling you something. If you know you’re ready to commit to your future and what you truly desire, do it now.

So take a moment:

Say to yourself “I commit to myself and my family that I will stop wavering, I will look at my money head on. I will take it step by step.”

Now it’s action stations. And well done.

5 Steps to Breadwinner Fast Financial Pampering

Here are some quick wins to get you started:

  1. Know What You’re Spending: Use a good spreadsheet or accounting software.
  1. Educate Yourself: What is tax deductible? What’s the most tax efficient way to get paid? You can’t make good decisions if you don’t know the basics.
  1. Introduce Rewards: Associate money tasks with something you love, not with procrastination and dread. It’s why I have afternoon tea and a luxury location for my Tax & Cake Heaven Intensives.
  1. Delegate: What are you doing that someone else could do for you? Have a look on the Prowess site for businesses that could help you free up time and resources so you can get on faster.
  1. Book a Care Date for Personal Pampering: Fabulous surroundings lead to fabulous results. Book a date with yourself to write your action plan at a luxurious location, amazing tea shop, spa, country house or over afternoon tea.

Get Support!

It’s easy to isolate yourself as a breadwinner. Get support. Share your key decision and your action plan. Share what tasks and decisions you take and the rewards you’ll enjoy when you accomplish them.

Share your journey as a female breadwinner. We’re here to help and support you, that’s why sites like Prowess are here. Introduce yourself on social media like twitter and Facebook – say hello, ask a question, share your expertise and experience with others! Come on over and meet some friends!

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