Female Roles Continue to Thrive in the UK Tech Sector

Women continue to make strides in the tech sector, according to a report from The TechNational. 

In addition to IT and tech, women continue to make their mark in traditionally male-dominated roles including startups, healthcare and construction.


According to the UK government’s “Women in the Digital Sector” report from 2020, women constituted 28% of the digital sector workforce, indicating a positive shift. Initiatives aimed at closing the gender gap, such as coding education programs for girls and mentorship initiatives, have contributed to this increased representation, fostering an environment conducive to female professionals thriving in technology-related roles.

Another sector experiencing a notable increase in female representation is Entrepreneurship and Startups. Despite the challenges, the UK has seen a rise in women-led businesses. 

The 2020 Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship reported that women accounted for 34% of business owners in the country. 

Efforts to support female entrepreneurs, including the establishment of support networks, european funding initiatives, and mentorship programs, have played a crucial role in encouraging women to venture into entrepreneurship and achieve success in leading their own businesses.


The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry in the UK has historically had a strong female presence. As of 2020, approximately 77% of the National Health Service (NHS) workforce consisted of women, according to data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre. 

Beyond healthcare, women in the UK are increasingly pursuing careers in life sciences, contributing to advancements in research, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. This trend highlights the opportunities and growth potential for women in these critical sectors.


In the Legal Profession, there has been notable progress in fostering gender diversity. While comprehensive statistics on the exact percentage of female legal professionals in the UK may vary, there is a discernible increase in the number of women entering and thriving in legal careers. 

Women are making significant contributions in various legal roles, including practice, judiciary, and academia. The legal sector’s evolution towards greater gender equality reflects broader societal shifts and the commitment of organizations to create inclusive environments for professionals of all genders.

As gender equality continues to grow, there are some UK sectors where this is not the case, with construction still very male-dominated, with only 2% of operatives as females, says Warmable, and this also includes utilities and household services. For engineering, only 11% of the UK workforce is female and is lagging behind the rest of Europe.