How meeting rooms boost creative collaboration and make businesses more efficient

According to a recent study, the use of meeting rooms is becoming more popular. Since 2020, demand has risen by 73%. This increase has been partly driven by the remote working trend, but also by the fact that companies have seen the creativity and productivity of their staff improve as a result of using them. Below, we look at why they see those improvements.

Access to crisp modern workspaces that boost creativity

In most places, commercial real estate is a bit old and tired. As a result, a lot of people are working out of spaces that are less than optimal. Sure, they tick all of the regulation boxes regarding heating, lighting, and facilities, but they are often a bit ratty and sometimes a bit depressing to work out of.

The vast majority of meeting rooms are not like that. You can find meeting rooms in any city, so to compete, providers have to decorate and maintain their rooms to a high standard. As a result, they are comfortable spaces that people like to be in, which puts them in a better frame of mind. A state that boosts creativity and productivity.

A distraction-free place to work

When meetings are held in the regular workplace, distractions are almost inevitable. It is hard for people to get away from their day-to-day duties to concentrate fully on brainstorming or other important tasks. Meeting rooms solve that issue.

Meeting rooms provide a neutral workspace

They also provide a neutral space for everyone. In them, it is far easier to shrug off the hierarchical structure and provide people with an environment in which they have the confidence to speak more freely. Working in a neutral space blurs the lines between roles, which allows things to be genuinely looked at from a fresh perspective. Often, this uncovers ideas and new ways of doing things that would never have been considered if the meeting had taken place in the regular workplace.

An easy to access place to bring different teams together

Many firms work out of more than one location or have workforces that spend most of their time on the road or working remotely. For them, meeting rooms provide a convenient place to pull everyone together. That could be for team meetings, to work on projects or to complete administrative tasks.

Bringing people together regularly in a face-to-face environment greatly improves relationships between team members. It also helps to build the right company culture.

Meeting rooms are convenient for clients

Being able to meet a client somewhere that is convenient for both you and them is incredibly helpful. Choosing a meeting room that is equidistant from both of your bases saves time and money. It also ensures that the meeting takes place on neutral ground, in a place where there are no distractions. This greatly improves the chances of a successful outcome.

Meeting rooms save money

Maintaining a workplace or office is expensive. According to recent statistics produced by LSH, the cost of renting an office in the UK is currently running between £58.19 and £109.33 per sq foot, annually. That is a huge overhead for a business to carry, especially if that workspace is not always occupied. Some firms have found that switching to only using remote workspaces instead has saved them a lot of money.

Hire them regularly to save money

Meeting rooms improve creativity and productivity which makes using them a worthwhile investment for any business or organisation. Those firms that use the same ones regularly and book in advance are often able to negotiate lower prices.