How to Plan a Corporate Party in London

After a couple of years of Zoom events, businesses around the world are ready to get back to corporate socialising in style and in person. ‘It’s not what you know it’s who you know that matters’ remains as true as it ever was, and honestly how well do you really get to know anyone through screens alone?

If your business or network has decided that get-togethers are back on the agenda, the next decision will be location. In many cases that is going to be London. Quite simply because with the messy UK transport network it remains the easiest place for a spread-out group to congregate to.

On the plus side, a London address elevates any event. It is one of the world’s most dynamic, energetic, and business-friendly cities. Simply being in London, with its magnificent venues, renowned monuments, and architecture will give your event an edge. 

Compared to the provinces a London event will be more expensive and complicated to plan. But as it’s likely the easiest place to gather there will be savings of time and travel costs to set against that. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a list of all you need to know to assist you in navigating the process.

Know Your Event’s Ultimate Goal

First and foremost, you’ll need to figure out what you want the event to be like. What do you want to achieve in the end? Whether for educational, leisure, or commercial purposes, it’s always a good idea to concentrate on the desired objective and commit to it.

It will be much easier to sort out what should be put into your event if you first create the basis for what you want to achieve. Planned guest numbers, goal income, and public relations, for example, might all influence your vision.

Finances and Budget

Because London events may be costly, it’s critical to budget carefully. Establish a clear budget and communicate with suppliers early on to obtain an idea of prices. Licensing, insurance, equipment hire, venue hire, speakers and entertainers, personnel, and other goods needed on the day must all be considered. Define the amount of money you intend to make from the occasion, with varied attendance levels reflecting your confidence.

If you need the event to be profitable, offset this against costs with a cushion. Work with your finance team to determine the financial administration procedures, which may involve opening a separate business account, recording and receipting all transactions, maintaining a petty cash box, and keeping a complete record of all revenue and spending.

Ensure all the financial losses and the profit are handled thoroughly. For a huge corporate event, you’ll want to meticulously document this data and make it accessible to all partners, ensuring that everyone financially engaged is up to date and willing to invest in your next event.


It’s time to choose a place or venue. Now that you have a solid concept of what your party will be like and its scope and size.  

Bear in mind that deciding on a place is a significant choice. Always think about how available it is for your visitors:

  • Does the venue fit in with the image you want to promote?
  • Which location is the most comfortable for your visitors?
  • Is there public transportation available nearby?
  • Is it entirely accessible to those with disabilities?

The Best Entertainment for Your Special Occasion

Speakers who play music, guest speakers, and live performances are examples of this. It is totally up to you and your financial position. It is a crucial phase because it has the potential to be the most memorable aspect of your event.

Ensure your entertainment fits in with your event’s goals and concept. It would help if you also thought about how your visitors would react.

Choose a Theme

A themed business party entails more than just dressing up. Your party’s theme is reflected in the invites, cuisine, music, and decorations. The 1920s will always be our favorite motif at Senate House, but there are plenty of other options. Once you’ve decided on a theme, draw up a list of all of it, you’d connect with it, and try to incorporate it into your party.


Focusing on the prominent features of the venue, such as the entryway, bar, and table centres, is a terrific approach to stretching your decorating budget. 


When it comes to entertainment, you have two choices: hire a DJ or a live band, or create a playlist. Whatever you choose, make sure you check with the venue to ensure you have all the necessary equipment. Hire a London Band is a useful one-stop shop for any event wherever you want a classy solo diva or to party all night to classic rock and pop tunes from the past. 


Depending on your chosen location, you’ll have to determine whether to employ in-house food or hire outside caterers. We propose that you use the in-house team if your location has a strong reputation for offering satisfying cuisine. It will be the easiest and most effective method to handle the catering.

When choosing food for your event, keep the following in mind:

  • Is there a tasting menu, or would customers have to make their own choices?
  • Special dietary needs are catered for.
  • How do you want the meal served: will the canapés be spread out or passed around by wait staff? Is it a buffet or a sit-down dinner?

To sum-up

Corporate parties are back on the agenda. If you’re planning a get-together soon it is time to get organised. The better you plan the easier it will be to relax and enjoy the company of colleagues or customers and ultimately do better business.