3 Inspirational Careers that will Help you Change the World

We all want to make our mark on the world and sometimes the best way to do so is to excel in our career and create waves. As nice as it would be to receive superpowers, possibly after coming into contact with some mutated insect, for now you might have to settle for choosing the right job for your skill set that can have an effect on the world.

LinkedIn is currently conducting a poll that asks its users to rate their jobs on a scale of 1-100, on how inspiring they are. Alternative medicine (84), photography (80) and professional training and coaching (81) were just some of the professions that came to the top of the list – the average score is 70 – but aren’t necessarily the first ones that spring to mind when considering inspirational careers. Let’s take a look at what makes them so inspiring:

Teaching, professional training and coaching

Whether you want to teach in a classic school environment, inspiring the next generation of students who will go on to make an impact in the world, or aspire to help people improve their lifestyle or their roles in the workplace, teaching and training is definitely one of the most inspiring careers you can undertake in your attempt to change the world.

Think back to a great teacher or trainer you’ve experienced in your lifetime and how much of an impression they have had on your life. They are the reason we need inspirational people in these professions to help people realise their potential and go on to do something incredible. As a teacher or trainer you are the gentle push towards greatness.

Once you’re ready to inspire people it’s easier than ever to find a teaching role with dedicated websites, such as www.edustaff.co.uk, that bring great new teachers and schools together and courses specialising in everything from diet to management.

Photography and art

While many might argue that law enforcement or firefighting should be at the top of the list many forget the impression inspiring art leaves on them. Each year Sony holds the World Photography Awards that showcase inspiring images taken by some of the best photographers in the business.

The images reveal what has been happening around the world, providing snapshots of injustice, tragedy, joy and celebration and attempt to change our perceptions of events and unveil the truth behind a regime or a cause. Photos are perfect documentation of a moment in history and something we can look back on for generations to come. Take a look at some of the photos that won last year to understand just how inspiring a career in photography can be.

Alternative medicine

While we should never shun traditional medical practices some people, after being diagnosed with an illness, attempt to test alternative medicine. Around 40% of cancer patients use some form of alternative medicine.

The alternative medicine industries don’t always stand up to scientific scrutiny, but they do offer something that the mainstream isn’t able to: care and time. With our GPs and nurses under more stress than ever before it’s not difficult to see that a complementary approach that allows you to spend more time with patients has to leave you feeling more fulfilled and inspired by the work you do.

Any career can be an inspiring one if you simply strive for excellence in all that you do, so get out there and make each working day count.

Image: teaching via shutterstock

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