Networking for Introverts

I’m an introvert.

I love working from home and networking online.

With face to face networking events, no matter how much I enjoyed them, a lot of people in a room drained my energy.

It can feel just as overwhelming doing your tax. All those receipts, unfamiliar language, what you can do, what you can’t do.

This is my guide to enjoying tax and networking for introverts.

How To Enjoy Networking Events As An Introvert

These three elements are the Networking Events Core:

  1. Go because you want to meet the people that are likely to attend, your ‘tribe’
  2. Go because you want to serve those people, so you can be of help
  3. Go because you want to enjoy networking that works for both you and your business

It’s easier to be around lots of people if they’re ‘your’ people, not warm-white-wine-with-waffle types. It’s easier to do your bookkeeping if you understand what is right for your business, what to do with those receipts and whether you can take that expense off your tax bill.

It’s easier to be around lots of people if you want to help them and you’re a good fit, not a creative square peg in a corporate round hole. It’s easier to do your accounts when you have a system in place so record-keeping fits effortlessly into your life and business.

It’s easier to be around lots of people if you enjoy being there, helping people who fit your business and being relaxed and at ease. It’s easier to master your money as a business or freelancer when you have great flow and can relax knowing you have the tax and legal obligations covered.

Action: Commit to only going to networking events that you enjoy

Do You Have Your Ritual?

Creating your networking and tax ritual is the next step.

A ritual is internal calm.  It provides structure and safety.

You can create a ritual that is the same for all events or a different ritual for each networking group.  Try both and see what works.

Creating Your Networking & Tax Ritual

Let me share my networking event and tax ritual. I have the same ritual for both.

  1. I practice self care as part of my working life.  I have Daily Little Luxuries such as tea in a bone china mug or a chocolate truffle
  2. On the day, I schedule Time To Relax before and afterwards. I am calmer at the event and more efficient doing my tax as I know I have time and my own space to recalibrate
  3. During the networking event or bookkeeping time, I drink Lots Of Water, eat little, and use lavender oil on my pulse points
  4. For after speaking engagements, important client meetings or filing my self assessment, it’s Me Time.  I go to a cafe that is a real treat and enjoy pure indulgence
  5. The next day after that big occasion, I schedule in Reflection Time and increase my self care and Daily Little Luxuries. It’s perfect for reviewing the event or that year’s accounts and the action I want to take

Networking events are so much better now.

I don’t dread them like I used to and I feel confident and enjoy every one.

It’s why I send a chocolate brownie to every client

My clients start with a ritual of Tax = Cake as a reward for taking the responsibility to transform their business money management and creating a bookkeeping system that works.

Do you have rituals around your networking and tax?

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