Office Renovation 101: How To Smarten Up Your Space With Less Sweat

Has it been too long since your workspace felt fresh, shiny, and inviting? If yes, then it’s time for your office to have a makeover. With time, every business is required to be updated. And in order for any business to thrive, office renovation is a must. You spend most of your time working endlessly to make your dreams come true. Your office is the place where all that hustle takes place. It is quite clear then, that your office should emit vibes fitting to the amount of effort you put in day after day.

Here are some reasons why renovating your office is a good idea.

To Keep Up with Times

Staying up-to-date with the latest facilities and modernising your office will attract new talent and renew the work environment of your office. You’ll be able to see your business refurbish while your office space is renovated with a brand new look.

Boost Your Productivity

These changes will bring around spectacular improvements in the general mood of your employees and it has proven to increase the productivity of the team. The renovation should be seen as an investment rather than an expense for your business.

For Better Work Experience

Research shows that great working experience results in better business performance. If your new office design satisfies the general needs and wants of your employees, they’re bound to contribute much more to your business and they’ll be compelled to do their best work.

Be Prepared for the Future

Office renovation doesn’t just include rebranding or redecorating, it also facilitates you with an option to make room for your expansion plans. You may want to anticipate additions to your team, equipment, or even furniture in the near future. So it’s best to plan well in advance for the times to come.

All these above-mentioned benefits can be obtained with ease if you know the correct way of forming and executing your plan. Colour has a lot to do with the illusion of space. The wrong colour palette can also look quickly dated. You’ll find that offices in the most fashionable parts of the country, such as central London, are a step ahead in terms of colour trends. They invest considerably in making just the right impression on clients and staff. You can of course just do your research and emulate what works elsewhere. There are specific commercial painting and decorating services in London that are reliable and will know exactly what needs to be done within your space. It’s important to get a professional opinion because this will certainly make your life that much easier when it comes to renovation.

How to Stay Organized

1. Acknowledge the Renovation Timeline

Typical office renovation takes a few months for completion, starting from seeking renovation proposals to the final fit-out. It is of utmost importance that you understand and acknowledge the renovation timeline since this can be a period that can either make or break your business. We advise you to always be well-prepared for setbacks or delays. Having ample time in your hands is crucial if:

  • there are stakeholders or multiple decision-makers in your business.
  • your renovation plan coincides with major holidays or festivals.
  • you have complex IT or security requirements.
  • you wish to consider as many proposals as possible before finalizing and executing the plan.

2. Set Clear Goals Before Embarking on the Journey

It always helps to map out your plan of action before finalising the goals. Make sure that the goals are clearly set from the beginning before appointing any contractor or designer. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the plan, it is advisable to keep room for changes. However, keep in mind that too much deviation from the initial plan at a later stage can cost you crucial time, which might even harm your business. So keep those changes down to the minimum.

3. Do the Necessary Research

The most crucial part of formulating a renovation plan is to do thorough research about office designs, local regulations, your team’s requirements, your company’s spending budget, innovative ideas, and more. It can be a hassle to look for the perfect designer for your needs. Here’s when your research comes into action. Approaching a professional with a clear idea of what you want can go a long way in attaining a stable transformation for your office. You can easily take advantage of the resources available online in the initial stages. From creative ideas to advice from professionals, everything can be found online through a quick search.

To make it easier for you, here are a couple of ideas which you can incorporate in your next renovation plan:

Redoing office flooring

The office floor is the most accessed area and it can leave a lasting impression when done right. Changing the tiling or covering the floor with a carpet is the first step to take. But, maintaining and regularly cleaning the flooring is what will matter the most. Proper maintenance and smart choice of tile combinations can give a new symmetry to your office.

Rearranging the partitioning

Partitioning can be done using screens which can be easily moved or arranged. The benefit of partition screens is that they can be rearranged to provide a new look just by altering the combinations with a little creativity.

Installing the right lights

The right lights can hugely alter the general mood of your workspace and create a pleasant working environment. Well-placed spotlights can be utilized to highlight features such as branding, entrance area, or something else. Yet, the most important feature of lighting is its functionality which should never be undermined.

Going ”Green”

Since you’ll be overhauling your old ways, what’s better than choosing the “green” way? You can use recycled materials for desks, stationery, and more. You can even implement a “green” campaign to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your environmental impact.

Choosing appropriate colors

Bright shades of color are known to uplift the mood, motivate, and stimulate the mind. Avoid dull colors that can dampen the mood such as grey or white. To achieve a more professional look, consider using neutral colors like
Chalk Paint as fillers between the bright colors.

Managing storage space

Make use of the space available to you as much as you can. By installing plenty of drawers and shelves in a custom made cabinet, you can save up a lot of space and still make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Office renovation shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be executed professionally. It goes a long way in motivating you and your staff members. Efficient planning and execution are absolutely necessary when it comes to renovation. So, get your mind to work and start preparing the list of your needs and wants for your renovated office space!