Party Plan Downtime? Plot your Fairs and Training Calendar

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If you run a party plan business you’ll know that some times of the year are slower than others. But downtime can be a great time to take your products and your team to a fair or an expo. Not only are these great places to find business, they are also an ideal environment for home business team training. When you incorporate vendor events into your team training routine your team will have a solid show schedule!

Now is the time to find the events that you want to participate in during the coming year. New team members can stand beside seasoned direct sales veterans, hear the word choices, practice connecting with people and fill their calendars!

6 Keys to Successful Home Business Fair or Expo

  • Create a welcoming and noticeable display. Dress to impress, but in a casual manner, and have a large, creative sign with your business name and logo.
  • Have plenty of catalogues and brochures to hand out. Other forms of advertising are good to have if they are in your budgets: pens, magnets, etc.
  • Have a generous sampling of your product line on display. You want people to see everything you have to sell.
  • Have fun. Don’t think of it as work. Think of it as a good time meeting lots of interesting and friendly people…who might purchase some of your products!
  • Have a raffle. You can give away a prize and offer an upgrade to the winner if they book a future party with you.
  • If you have a product that can be used in a demonstration…have mini demonstrations. Obviously, if you sell jewelery, demonstrations won’t work. But, if you have kitchen aids, demonstrations might work to enhance your product recognition and sales.

New Consultant Inductions

Once you have put in place your fair or expo calendar following these six keys, you are ready to take a few team members with you and start teaching them how to qualify leads.

Fairs and expos are perfect places to train team members. Leaders who take their new consultants to fairs or expos as part of their new consultant induction will ensure that they learn from top leaders and fill their calendars.

Why are Expos and Fairs Perfect For Home Business Training?

Because there are people everywhere! Fairs and expos draw huge numbers of people, providing your team members with plenty of opportunities to practice their demonstration and sales techniques.

The new consultant stands next to seasoned consultants, hears what to say and then immediately gets to practice it. They can learn how to present products, how to answer questions, how to alleviate concerns, and how to close the sale. There will be thousands of opportunities to practice a sale and interact with potential customers, and learn how to handle rejection. In sheer numbers, there is no better place for home business training than a fair or an expo.

Next time you book a booth at a fair or expo, take the team with you!

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